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Treatment Abroad Committee

What is the Treatment Abroad Committee? 

The Treatment Abroad Committee is made up of a Chairperson, eight members, and a secretary. The Committee members are appointed by the Minister and their responsibility is to evaluate all referral forms of patients who are being recommended for further treatment in the UK. Seven of the members of the Committee are Consultants who work in different areas at Mater Dei Hospital and one member is a lay person representing the public. 

The Committee is also responsible to provide clinical recommendations to the Minister for the introduction of new services in the health care system via treatment abroad or overseas visiting consultants. 

The Committee meets to discuss cases and other issues every month; however when there are urgent cases that require an urgent decision, the documentation of these cases are circulated to all members by e-mail for review and decision. 

What are the criteria used by the Treatment Abroad Committee to decide upon patient referrals? 

Any decisions to be taken by the TAC regarding requests for treatment abroad shall be by an agreed vote of the majority of TAC members. 

Each referral form is evaluated on the following grounds:
  • Service cannot be provided locally.
  • The case is discussed with other local Consultants in other specialties and thus it is ascertained that patient has received all possible treatment locally.
  • The service being requested forms part of Malta’s Health Care package.
  • The service being requested is clinically proven and is not in its trial phase. 

Further clinical information may be requested from local caring Consultants in order to have a clearer picture of medical aspects of the case under review. 

Committee’s Terms of Reference 

The mandate and functions of the Committee shall be: 
  • To set policies and criteria, including the nature and type of conditions for which treatment abroad may be considered, keeping in view medical conditions, financial constraints and Community regulations;
  • To evaluate and approve or otherwise requests for treatment abroad. Such requests are to be made solely by the consultant responsible for the patient through the Clinical Chair;
  • Committee members may make suggestions regarding established treatment or investigations provided abroad in centres of reference.
  • The TAC members may as the need arises review established treatment normally undertaken abroad and recommend inclusion within the healthcare services provided by the Maltese public healthcare entities.