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EU Projects & Conferences

2018-2019 TRAIN4M&H

TRAIN4MH flyer.jpg

2018 MIG-H Training Project Final Conference

Photo_Pre-Conference EUPHA MIG_Health_Nov 2018.jpg
MIG_H Folder Cover.jpg

2018  TRAIN4M&H


2018   MIGHealth Care Project

2018 MIG-H Training Project IOM 

mig-H webpage.jpgIOM Logo.jpg

MIG-H Training _ IOM Malta.pdfMIG-H Training _ IOM Malta.pdf

2017   EMN Newsletter

EMN Newsletter - 2017.pdfEMN Newsletter - 2017.pdf

EMN newsletter-CARE Project.jpg 


2017   CARE Project Poster:   Myths & Facts

   Poster 2.jpg

 2017  CARE Project Newsletter No. 2

CARE Project-Newsletter No. 2 pg 1.jpg

CARE Project-Newsletter No. 2 pg2.jpg

 CARE Project-Newsletter No. 2 pg.3.jpg

CARE Project-Newsletter No. 2 pg. 4.jpg 

CARE Project-Newsletter No. 2 pg 5.jpg 

CARE Project-Newsletter No. 2 pg 6.jpg 

CARE Project-Newsletter No. 2 pg 7.jpg

2016  CARE Project-Work Package 7:  Training Seminar

Evaluation Report_CARE Project Training Seminar-October 2016.jpg


2016-2017: CARE EU Project:

CARE Logo.jpg 

CARE_Leaflet 1.jpg

2015:  Draft Conference Programme PHCD Conference 16th October 2015 .pdfThe 8th Biennial Conference Programme PHCD Conference 16th October 2015 .pdf

              Title of paper:  Human Trafficking:  recognizing the signs of modern-day slavery in a clinical setting

2015:  FETEmalta Project:

2015: Mainstream a common model of intercultural competence for the integration process of TCN 

Intercutural Training for TCNs.jpg 

LEAP Project.jpg 
2013-2016: EQUIHealth EU Project 
2014: IUSTI Congress - Abstract_book IUSTI Congress 2014.pdfAbstract_book IUSTI Congress 2014.pdf
2010-2014: Childbirth Cultures, concerns and Consequences: Creating a dynamic EU framework for optimal maternity care
2011: ICN Conference  ICN Conference 2011.pdfICN Conference 2011.pdf
2011: Marenostrum EU Project
Marenostum Poster.jpg
2009:  AMAC Workshop
2007-2011: COSTHOME Project: Health and Social Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Europe