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Dental Public Health Unit


The Dental Public Health Unit is committed to the prevention and control of dental diseases in the Maltese community through initiatives of advocacy, education, research and the
development of standards. It aims at improving the oral health and quality of life of the Maltese population by reducing the inequalities and disparities that exist in Oral Health, and by adopting best practices.

OUR MOTTO:  Teeth for Life/Daħka isbaħ – Ħajja aħjar​

The Dental Public Health Unit provides a comprehensive oral health promotion service to the community  consisting of:

  -Educational talks in schools to children, teachers and parents.
               -Educational sessions with people suffering from Diabetes.
               -Educational talks, presentations and videos at Parentcraft courses.
               -Participation in radio and TV programmes promoting Oral Health.
               -Educational talks at local councils/ day centres/ various NGOs.
               -Screening programmes in schools.
               -Preparing and disseminating educational material on Oral Health.
               -Providing advice and increasing Oral Health Literacy through the Dental Public Health Unit 
                Facebook page.


The Dental Public Health Unit is responsible for the National Oral Health Survey, which is a survey carried out at
regular intervals to gather information about the oral health of the different age groups in the Maltese population.
The first pathfinder Survey was carried out by the Department of Health in 1987. The next National Oral Health Survey on Children’s Oral Health was then carried out in 2003/2004. The National Oral Health Survey is currently underway.

 The Dental Public Health Unit has been collaborating with the Health Standards Directorate within the
Superintendence of Public Health in the writing up of Standards. Members of the Unit are part of the working groups currently writing two standards: Standards for M
inimal Sedation and Standards for Dental Clinics.

 The Dental Public Health Unit is collaborating with the Faculty of Dental Surgery, University of Malta to provide a community service, which reaches out to all sectors of society, including children and staff at schools, adults at workplaces and day centres and elderly. This is done through the use of the mobile dental clinic and /or portable
dental equipment. A free dental check up including advice on oral health is offered to the people making use of this facility.  To keep up to date with where we will be visiting please follow The Mobile Dental Clinic on Facebook.

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Contact details:

​Dr. Ethel Vento Zahra            Telephone: +356 2595 3314​​​                               

Mr. Joseph Galea                   Telephone: +356 2595 3340​​​

Room 4 , Department for Health Regulation, 

Office for the Superintendent of Public Health, Level1. OP Building

St' Luke's Hospital, Pjazza San Lu​qa, Pieta', Malta


English Leaflets and Posters:

​ Taking Care of Your Mouth.pdfTaking Care of Your Mouth.pdf    A Healthy Mouth for Your Child  (Eng) 2015.pdfA Healthy Mouth for your Child        Diabetes and  Your Mouth.pdfDiabetes and Your Mouth  

 Dental Care for the Older Adult Leaflet (Eng) 2015.pdfDental Care for the Older Adult   Smoking tobacco and your mouth.pdfSmoking tobacco and your mouth.pdf  ​

 Maltese Leaflets:

Kura tal-ħalq.pdfKura tal-ħalq.pdf                       A Healthy Mouth for Your Child (Malti)  2015.pdfĦalq b' saħħtu fit-tfal                    Id-Dijabete u l-Ħalq.pdfId-Dijabete u l-Ħalq             

Dental Care for the Older Adult Leaflet (Malti)  2015.pdfKura tal-ħalq għall-anzjani       It-tipjip tat-tabakk u l-Ħalq.pdfIt-tipjip tat-tabakk u l-Ħalq


Tooth Injuries Poster 2012.pdfTooth Injuries Poster                   Be Mouth Aware - Oral Cancer.pdfBe Mouth Aware - Oral Cancer poster