Infertility Counselling Service
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Infertility Counselling Service

What is Infertility?
“Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of engaging in sexual intercourse without conception”. (Mosher & Pratt, 1982) It is predicted that one in six couples pursue medical advice because of their inability to conceive.

What is Counselling?
Counselling offers a regular space and time to couples and individuals to explore their feelings, beliefs and thoughts in order for them to have a better understanding of their present situation.

When people are given the opportunity to develop their thoughts and awareness, they will often change their perceptions and be in a better position to make an informed decision on their future direction.

What is the Infertility Counselling Service?
The Counselling Service at the ART Clinic is for couples undergoing infertility investigations or treatments or who have undergone treatment, whether successful or not. It is also a service offered for clients going for donation or adoption of sperm/oocytes/embryos. It is a service for those who feel they would like to talk through their thoughts, feelings or problems with a counsellor. Moreover during the first session prospective parents will be asked to fill in the “Welfare of the Child Form”, provided by the Embryo Protection Authority. The information provided in this form will help determine whether any child born out of this treatment is likely to be at risk of serious harm.

Why Counselling?
When a couple becomes aware that their plans to start a family may be delayed, that medical intervention may be considered or that medical options have run out it can feel like their world has collapsed. People often speak of a range of emotions when sharing about the challenging experience of infertility, such as: anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, sadness and despair. People may also hold on to a sense of denial when they face challenges which seem too hard to cope with.

How can Counselling help?
Many people cope well with challenges in life by talking to family and friends. However it may be difficult for those who have their own children to fully comprehend the strong emotions that can accompany the experience of infertility. The infertility counsellor possesses specialist knowledge and experience to help you:
- Talk freely without being judged
- Make sense of your thoughts and emotions
- Understand your reactions and ways of coping
- Facilitate communication with your partner
- Identify choices and make decisions about treatment options and other alternatives
- Manage the uncertainties of treatment
- Live with loss and change

When can I see a Counsellor at ART Clinic?
Counselling is available to you before; during and after you embark on investigations or treatment. Each appointment lasts for an hour. In case of a couple they are strongly advised to attend three (3) sessions together. You can discuss with your counsellor arrangements for further appointments, if required.

Infertility Counsellor Contact Details
Office number: 2545 8800