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Meet the Team

The Art clinic at MDH is equipped with a multidisciplinary team committed to provide the best possible care as follows:
- Clerical Staff: Our clerk welcomes clients with referrals, whom she registers and refers to the nursing and midwifery staff. The clerk is also responsible for new and follow up appointments.
- Nursing / Midwifery Team: The team provides first hand information about the ART process, referrals, eligibility and access to treatment.
- Specialist Consultant and Medical Team: The Team is responsible for all aspects of treatment including, consultations, ultrasound scans, follicle tracking, ovarian stimulation, egg collection, embryo transfers, follow-up visits and seeking prior authorisation from EPA where indicated.
- Geneticist: The geneticist is responsible for all genetic advice and screening.
- Embryologist: The embryologist processes the oocytes (eggs) retrieved and sperm collected; performs In–Vitro fertilisation (IVF) or Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI); monitors and assesses fertilization prior to embryos for transfer; cryopreserve embryos and gametes; and monitor their storage.
- Counsellors: Counselling is a very important aspect of IVF and is required by law, as undergoing fertility treatment can be emotionally and physically stressful.
- The Responsible Person: The Responsible Person ensures that human tissues and cells intended for human application are procured, tested, processed, stored and distributed in accordance with regulating laws in Malta.
- The Quality Manager: The Quality Manager is responsible to implement, monitor and improve a Quality Management System to assure the quality and safety of the processes performed and services provided.

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