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The ART Clinic provides medically assisted procreation procedures to prospective parents facing fertility challenges to achieve pregnancy & life births and also to patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The activities at ART Clinic-Mater Dei Hospital revolve round two types of services, which although related, differentiate in scope. Firstly is the provision of medically assisted reproduction services to prospective parents facing infertility issues and secondly fertility preservation to patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The ART Clinic workforce is composed of a multidisciplinary clinical-scientific team, led by the Responsible Person in liaison with the Clinical Chairperson and Lead Clinician. The team consists of Gynaecologists specializing in infertility, Medical Doctors, Urologists, Geneticist, Embryologists, Sonographers, Anaesthetics, Quality Manager, Midwives, Nurses, Counsellor, Administrative Officer, Clerks and Carers.

Traceability, quality and safety of our products and safety of patients are the main pillars on which our services are built.