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Programme Access

How do patients access the programme?

A patient can have access to health care services overseas as a Government sponsored patient after successfully going through the procedure outlined below.
  • Patient must be receiving treatment in a Government Health Care entity in Malta and must be under the care of a local Government employed consultant.
  • Patient must have received all possible treatment and has undergone all possible investigations locally.
  • The local consultant requests that patient be referred for further treatment when all local options have been exhausted, patient will be referred for further investigations and/or treatment in an NHS hospital overseas by his local caring consultant.
  • Patient’s caring consultant will fill in a referral form for consideration by the Treatment Abroad Committee. A medical summary shall be drawn up and attached to the referral form.
  • The referral form should be endorsed by the Clinical Chairperson of the referring specialty.
  • Referral form and medical summary will be reviewed by the Treatment Abroad Committee who will take the ultimate decision whether patient is approved for treatment overseas.
  • Medical records and scans are sent to hospitals overseas for evaluation and advice by Foreign Consultants.