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Commissioner For Mental Health

Mission Functions Role

The Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health promotes and safeguards the rights of persons suffering from a mental disorder and their carers. It is responsible for the establishment of the necessary organisational structures and technical infrastructure to ensure the prompt implementation of the provisions of the new Mental Health Act which has been enacted on the 10th October 2013.

The vision of the Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health is an all inclusive society, wherein persons with a mental disorder are fully empowered to maximize their health. This will enhance their contribution to the community in all spheres of life including the labour markets and to society at large.

To promote and protect the rights and interests of persons with mental disorders and their carers, such that they can benefit from a better quality of life through the maximisation of their potential.
  • To promote and protect the rights and interests of persons with mental disorders and their carers 
  • To influence legislation and policies for the safeguarding of these rights and interests 
  • To receive complaints and queries and take the necessary actions 
  • To investigate alleged breach of rights and interests 
  • To develop and foster partnerships with all relevant stakeholders including policy makers, public and private entities, patient representative groups and related non-governmental organizations 
  • To increase the awareness and knowledge of the general public about mental health and persons with mental health disorders.

Through resources provided to it, this Office can sustain its mission to promote and protect persons with mental disorder.

Commissioner in Office
Since 2012 the Commissioner for Mental Health is Dr John M Cachia 
Commissioner for Mental Health Dr John M Cachia

The Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health will:
  • Strive to continually keep issues concerning this vulnerable cohort at the top of the national agenda;
  • Identify the pertinent trends and make future projections regarding adequacy and effectiveness of services;
  • Mobilise the relevant stakeholders within the public, private, voluntary and church sectors;
  • Facilitate synergistic action, innovation and long-term planning; and
  • Ensure the continued implementation of a healthy and active lifestyle process which will be beneficial to individuals as well as to society and the economy

Office Flyer 

To access information flier on The Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health, click on flyer English.pdf or Fuljett Malti.pdf  .