Aim of Project
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Aim of Project

Aim of Project 
The aim of this Partnership is to share and develop good practice in continuing professional development for biomedical scientists and from this to collaboratively develop an EU-toolkit for delivery of high quality continuing professional development activities provided by European hospital laboratories. As well as championing best practice, this novel project will provide distinct advantages for trainees, trainers and partner organisations by provision of the following objectives.
  • Identify core elements of good practice by the comparison of approaches to CPD used within partner organisations and countries 
  • Define European quality standards and criteria for accreditation and evaluation of local hospital CPD activities 
  • Develop a framework for inclusion of reflective practice in CPD activities 
  • Produce guidelines for European hospital laboratories on managing and organising quality CPD opportunities for laboratory staff 
  • Devise exemplar hospital laboratory CPD activities for provision on a new European hospitals CPD providers Community of Practice network.  
Scope of Project

In this rapidly changing world, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for laboratory professionals is not an option but a must. With globalisation, people tend to move from one place to another with greater frequency. The European Union encourages movement of people across its member states and aids in setting up tools that encourage such mobility.

The following are the broad project objectives – each partner country will refine one specific project objective which will then form the focus of the transnational meeting which they will host.
  1. To explore and understand the different approaches to continuing professional development for laboratory staff in each of the partner countries 
  2. To identify and share good practice employed by each partner institution 
  3. To recognise barriers for laboratory staff in undertaking continuing professional development 
  4. To consider how development of an e-learning course could improve continuing professional development opportunities within a transnational arena and to consider the requirements for developing an e-learning continuing professional development course for laboratory staff.