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Project Partners

Project Partners

  • University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom
  • Mater Dei hospital in Malta
  • Regional Hospital Bati in Czech Republic
  • Croatian Metrology Society in Croatia
  • Horvath & Dubecz in Hungary

These partners want to engage European laboratory staff in this new initiative where the primary goal is to enhance the quality of provision of locally provided hospital CPD activities. The consortium intend to use the outcomes from the project to establish an EU hospitals CPD providers community of practice network, available to all EU countries, to provide long-term benefits to hospital laboratories and their staff well beyond the life of the project.

Project Members 

The Malta Team

Charles Borg: Team Leader
Noel Ciantar, Annalisa Sciortino, Dorianne Buttigieg and Ian Brincat: Team Mobility Members
Christopher Barbara, Antoinette Mifsud and Miriam Vella: the other Team Members

Malta brings to the partnership skill, knowledge and competence of managing and organising locally delivered CPD activities within a hospital laboratory setting.

UK Team

With published research in reflective practice the UK will share their extensive experience and expertise in delivering programs for VET where implementation of reflective practice ensures that learning from CPD activities leads to enhanced competence.

About us

The University of Wolverhampton is a large institution employing 2,300 staff in eight academic schools and providing degree courses for around 23,000 students, we are also an important VET provider. Our mission is to be an employer-focused university connected with our local, national and global communities delivering opportunity and academic excellence. As such, we liaise closely with our biomedical science employers. We involve them in the development and design of our courses thus ensuring that our degrees are up-to-date and relevant to current laboratory practice. We employ biomedical scientists as visiting lecturers to make certain that current trends in laboratory tests are reflected in course content and our students have the option of spending a placement year in a hospital laboratory under the supervision of a biomedical scientist training officer.

We have an established reputation for providing VET to biomedical science training officers in the form of our CPD ‘Training tThe Trainers’ programme. This CPD programme consists of workshops, lectures, peer review and action learning plus a series of special request training days. The programme is particularly popular with reports and results being disseminated via publication in ‘The Biomedical Scientist’. We listen to employers. In response to employer requests to address a lack of provision of formal qualifications in CPD training the University specially developed a module entitled ‘Teaching Learning and Assessing in the Clinical Area’. Feedback from this module was very positive as training officers were able to put into practice in their training what they had learnt during the module.

Further close co-operation with biomedical science employers was successfully achieved via management of a Leonardo Mobility project (UK/10/LLP-LdV/VETPRO/163040) where training officers spent one week at the Mater Dei hospital in Malta. This project, which received an overall rating of 'Excellent,' has forged even closer co-operation between the University and the world of work, with participants emulating the good practice observed in Malta by designing and delivering a series of university practical classes.

This Partnership has its roots in the mobility project as it seeks to take forward its recommendations.

We bring to the project knowledge and skill in delivery of a series of high quality CPD programmes, a wealth of expertise in reflective practice and considerable experience of quality management.

Croatia Team

Croatia excels in delivering high quality face-to-face CPD courses for laboratory staff and this knowledge, skills and competence will be invaluable when shared with the Partnership.

About us

The Croatian Metrology Society (HMD) is a non-profitable, non-governmental organization, a voluntary association which deals with metrology, testing and technical regulations. One of the HMD’s main objectives is to improve the quality of measurement or test results and their international acceptance by providing relevant training tailored to real workplace training needs. Among other trainings HMD runs a program for life-long learning for laboratory practitioners from all fields of application – from physical measurements to measurements in laboratory medicine. Training needs arise mostly in the application of mathematical and statistical tools for handling measurement results, measurement uncertainty, validation of methods, implementation of a quality system in a laboratory, proficiency testing, etc. HMD has been organizing training since 1995. Annually it organizes more than twenty courses (about 1000 man-days per year).

As a partner in this project HMD has the following roles:

  • Actively participate in design of EU-toolkit and CPD providers Community of Practice network 
  • Development of the EU-toolkit materials, objectives and the method for the assessment of its effectiveness 
  • Design the second CPD activity – topic: evaluation of the uncertainty of the measurement results of routine methods in a medicine biochemical laboratory
  • Training materials: presentation, examples and hands-on exercises 
  • Assessment of training effectiveness – test and Excel exercises 
  • Adaptation of the training materials for one of the exemplar CPD examples 
  • Actively participating in all project's meetings and decisions 
  • Organizing meetings of project participants when they are held in Croatia 
  • Supporting the other project participants in identifying CPD quality needs and training development 
  • Share experience in providing quality CPD provision - defining training objectives, developing training methods appropriate to the adult trainees, evaluation of the training effectiveness and efficiency

Czech Republic Team

The Czech Republic will contribute knowledge of working to quality systems and of managing internal and external CPD activities

About us

The regional Hospital T Bati is one of the ten biggest hospitals in the Czech Republic and as such is one of the 'World of Work' partners in this consortium. The hospital provides treatment for the 600 000 inhabitants of Zlin and has very well equipped specialist clinics and treatment centres for all of the major diseases including an oncology centre, cardiovascular centre with Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, multiplesclerosis centre, neonatology centre and a diabetology centre. The hospital works to strict systems for quality provision and these systems are regularly audited to ensure that a continual quality service is provided. This is a large hospital with a total of 2500 employees of which there are many laboratory technicians. The hospital laboratories provide a full range of laboratory tests across the departments of clinical biochemistry, haematology, histopathology and microbiology.

The department of clinical biochemistry performs a 24 hour service for many different kinds of acute medicine and provides laboratory test results for approximately 1000 patients samples every day. Laboratory technicians take part in continuing professional education on a regular basis and satisfactory participation is regulated by Czech Republic law via the Ministry of Health. We will organize one of the transnational meeting events in this project during July 2014 and we will also attend the other partner meetings. We will participate in the live CPD activities of other partner countries via Skype and we will provide a CPD activity for other partner countries to take part in. We will bring to the partnership our knowledge of working to quality systems and of managing internal and external CPD activities.

Hungary Team

Hungary has a wealth of experience in technology and therefore possesses the required competence to oversee the technical side of the project and translate the individual sections of the toolkit onto the online CPD providers Community of Practice network.

About us

HORVÁTH & DUBECZ Consulting Ltd., founded in 1998, is a provider company working mainly in the field of vocational education and training: Services of the company are focusing on training courses, human consultancy and expert activities: assessment of institutional effectiveness, coaching, individual and team supervision, CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training courses for teaching and management staff. HORVÁTH & DUBECZ is an SME working with around 30 experts who are trainers, coaches and/or supervisors.

The educational objectives of our CPD training courses include tackling participants' individual needs. During the last three years, H&D has developed several mentor supported internet based courses and gained significant experience in organizing, running and continuously developing the products and services.

HORVÁTH & DUBECZ will bring to this partnership our wealth of experience and expertise in developing and delivering high quality continuing professional development training courses plus our vast knowledge and skills in internet technology. We will share our expertise in high quality CPD course provision and our primary role in this Partnership project will be to take overall responsibility for the technology aspects of the project. One important aspect of which will be our involvement in overseeing provision of the CPD providers Community of Practice network online. ​