The Meetings
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The Meetings

The Partnership

This is an ideal partnership as it consists of a consortium between three VET providers and two ‘World of Work’ partners, whose experience, expertise, skills and knowledge complement each other perfectly to achieve the project aims and objectives. The partnership focuses on design of an EU-toolkit to facilitate delivery of high quality locally delivered hospital laboratory CPD activities. Co-operation has resulted in a clearly defined distribution of tasks where each partner is able to maximise their contribution to the learning partnership based on their particular area of competence.

Effective co-operation and communication between participating institutions will be the key to the success of the project. The value of efficient communication has already become evident as it has been central throughout the planning stages of the project as each partner has communicated their relevant project expertise, experience and expectations via email, telephone and partner face-to-face visits. This already established initial cooperation and communication will be further developed throughout the project using a wide variety of communication media including social collaboration technology.

The first meeting of project partners took place online as a Skype conference. Prior to each host meeting, partners will communicate via Skype to facilitate co-operation on preparing the content, objectives and agenda of host events. Face-to-face host meetings will provide opportunities to meet, socialise and to learn about and from each other. Opportunities for partners to co-operate to work on the joint content of the EU-toolkit and to develop the CPD providers Community of Practice network will rely on effective partner communication which will be facilitated using video conferences, phone, email and blogs.

While the working language of the Partnership is English, each partner organisation has designated a specific person whose role is to assume responsibility for translation of project materials into their partner country language, make reasonable adjustments for language and cultural aspects at project meetings and to be responsible for providing cultural preparation prior to the meeting event in their country. The co-ordinating institution will assume overall responsibility for effective cooperation and communication within the partnership while the designated contact person for each partner institution will assume responsibility for organising effective communication on behalf of their organisation. A series of ‘Launch and Celebration of Success’ conferences will be held in each partner country with transmission to other partners to officially launch the EU-toolkit and CPD providers Community of Practice network and celebrate the success of the project.

The Transnational Meetings

The Malta team has already been to the UK meeting where the set-up of the laboratory profession in Malta was explained and how we organise our CPD shared with the other participating countries. Like the other partners in the project, we demonstrated a “sample” CPD session typical of the sessions that we offer here.

The following meeting, which was held in Croatia in mid-March 2014, examined the second objective of our Project, which is to define European quality standards and criteria for accreditation and evaluation of local hospital CPD activities.

The next meeting will be held in the Czech Republic in July 2014 and Budapest, Hungary in March 2015. Malta is expected to host the meeting in December 2014. ​