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Medical Ward 1

Where is Medical Ward 1 (M1)?

Medical Ward 1 is located in the brown block on the first floor.

What is Medical Ward 1?

Medical Ward 1 is a 25-bedded medical male ward that deals with acute medical conditions (gastroenterology, respiratory and infectious diseases). Patients are admitted to this ward mainly from the Emergency Department or Medical Admissions Wards, however there are occasions where patients are directly admitted to this ward. Day attendees are also admitted for procedures or treatment.

Who will look after me?

A team of nurses managed by Mr. Joe Camilleri, Charge Nurse, who is assisted by his deputy Mr. Antonio Mifsud, will look after the patient whilst in the ward.
All Medical Consultants may have patients in this ward, and the appointed medical team will review the patient every day. On admission to this ward an instruction slip is given to the patient, with information about the ward and the services offered.

Meal Times

Patients have the opportunity of ordering their lunch and dinner from an established menu. In the morning, a staff member will take menu orders for the next day, for all patients.

Breakfast: 7.30am to 8am
Lunch: 11.30am to 12.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Visiting Times

Official visiting times are:

Monday to Sunday (including public holidays):
11:30 to 13:00 (2 visitors at any one time)
15:00 to 20:00 (2 visitors at any one time)

Special permits for visiting outside the established visiting hours may be given to relatives on the discretion of the Charge Charge or his deputy (e.g. to visit terminally ill patients, minors and other special circumstances).
It is not advisable to visit patients during patient’s bed baths and rest periods during the day and night.
Children below the age of 14 to be accompanied by an adult except in isolation rooms and critically ill patients. It is not advisable for pre-school children to visit hospital due to risk of infections.
Relatives and friends visiting the patient must be kept to a minimum and refrain from sitting on the patient’s bed. Ward staff may contact relatives by telephone in cases of emergency.

Contacting the ward and the patient

To speak to the nurses on the ward by telephone, one may call on 2545 6010 or 2545 6011. Nursing staff will not give detailed medical information over the phone to protect patients' right to confidentiality.
Ward Managers may be contacted by telephone number 2545 6012 or by email or .
Medical Officers may be contacted on telephone number 2545 6013 or on their pagers/mobile phones through the MDH Operator. It is not always possible to contact Medical Officers during their duties especially if they are held up during ward rounds, sterile clinical procedures, operating theatres or silent hours. In some instances patients or their relatives are asked to personally meet the Consultant between 8.00h and 14.30h.
Patients may be contacted by phoning the personal telephone number shown on the bedside screen near each bed.

Operational procedures

Day attendee patients will be provided with a bed and a snack during their stay for the procedure or treatment. Relatives may accompany the patient but their number must be kept to a minimum.
On admission a record of the patient relative’s telephone number is kept. Expensive personal belongings and large amounts of money must not be kept in ward. Unaccompanied patients with such belongings will have their possessions locked at the billing department and returned on discharge. Ward staff are not responsible for stolen or lost items in the ward.
Foreigners will be asked to present their passports, health cards and insurance documents.
On discharge, patients with no relatives and friends or patients with no transport may have hospital transport organised for them. Relevant documents related to discharge will be handed to the patient or their relatives before leaving the ward (e.g. discharge letter, prescriptions, community forms and equipment).

Message to Visitors

The general public visiting the ward is obliged to abide by basic instructions especially those attributed to isolation rooms, hand washing procedures, ward rounds and ward health and safety procedures.
Visitors are advised to kindly keep sound levels as low as possible, respect ward instructions, and assist to their relatives in a dignified manner.
The Charge Nurse or his Deputy may be approached on any query or difficulty which may arise at ward level.