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Access to medicines

The introduction and implementation of EU legislation has resulted in extensive changes in the medicines available on the local market. The number of medicinal products that can be placed on the market has decreased. Also the brands, names and presentations of some products have changed.

Availability of medicines 

Policy for unlicensed medicines 

This policy was updated in 2006 so as to keep in line with the current legislation, to clarify responsibilities and to improve the traceability of the medicinal products supplied through processes which are not covered by the Medicines Act 2003 and its subsidiary legislation.
The relevant DH Circular (DH Circular 270/2006​) was issued to explain the “Guidelines for the supply of medicinal products for human use through processes which are not covered by the Medicines Act, 2003  and its subsidiary legislation (unlicensed medicinal products)”. The Pharmaceutical Unit is responsible for the implementation ​of these guidelines.