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​​MSP /HEC Number Date​ Title​
154/08 ​20.11.2008 ​Procedure for access to medicines out of community pharmacy opening hours
14/08 ​14.05.2008 ​Warfarin tablets
09/2008 ​14.05.2008​ ​Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine(HPV)
​14.05.2008 ​Prescribing and Dispensing
DH 270/2006
​(* Circular updated August 2007 )
Guidelines for the suppl​y of medicinal products for human use through processes which are not covered by the Medicines Act, 2003 and its subsidiary legislation (unlicensed medicinal products)
​11.11.2005 ​Bendrofluazide 2.5mg for the treatment of hypertension