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Prescription and Dispensing

Prescribers and dispensers (pharmacists), are key actors in the area of rational medicines use. The Legal Notice 292 of 2006, Medicines Act (CAP 458) entitled Prescription and Dispensing Requirements Rules, 2006, guides prescribers and dispensers so they act in the best interest of the patient. The legal notice defines the form and content of a prescription, the dispensing of a prescription, and related activities. Proper prescribing and dispensing are important essential determinants of the rational use of medicines and thus crucial for ensuring that the patient's clinical needs are met.

"This legal notice seeks to lay down in a very clear manner the legal framework for prescribing and dispensing.....It is indeed true that a change in​ practice tends to take time, yet in this case the stakes are high as impact is on patient safety.......As health care professionals we are committed to ensure the health and safety of our patients." (M Cordina. Prescribing, dispensing and patient safety.