Day Care
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Day Care

Where is the Day Care at the Oncology Centre?
The Day Care is located on Level 0.

Clinical Hours
Monday – Sunday: 7.45 to 18.00

Contact Details
Phone: 25452370/1

Who is treated within the Day Care?
All adult patients requiring oncological/haemato-oncologocial treatment, that lasts less than 7 hours, are treated within the day care. This includes:
 - Administration of chemotherapy
 - Administration of blood and/or blood products
 - Hydration
 - Administration of targeted therapies
 - Administration of other treatment

Other procedures carried out at the day care include:
 - Chemotherapy related reviews and management of complications
 - Nursing procedures e.g. change of dressings, management of central venous access devices (Port-a-cath, Hickman Line)
 - Medical interventions e.g. pleural and abdominal tapping, trephine biopsies, lumbar punctures.

Who will look after me?
A team of professionals will be looking after you. The team consists of oncology consultants and medical doctors, nurses, focal nurses, paramedic aides, reception staff, pharmacists and the clinical support services (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and psychologists).

What should I bring with me?
 - Identification (ID) card
 - Appointment ticket
 - Schedule V (Yellow medication card)
 - Any other Medical medical documents or results
 - Medication being taken at home
 - Bottle of water and light snack
 - Cardigan and comfortable loose clothing (in view of venous access)
 - Extra clothing

Other relevant information
 - Punctuality - it is very important to be on time for your appointment. Arriving late for your appointment may cause your chemotherapy session to be re-scheduled.
 - On the day of treatment, always book an appointment for the next chemotherapy session, after being seen by the doctor.
 - Also remember to book an appointment at the Phlebotomy for any blood tests required before your next chemotherapy session.
 - If you have a port-a-cath, please remember to book an appointment for the flushing of the port-a-cath.
 - You will not be seen without an appointment.
 - Only one person can accompany you in the doctor's clinic.
 - It is at the discretion the ward management to provide permission for the accompanying relatives to stay near you during treatment.
 - In case of any queries or complications, you can call the ward during opening hours for advice.
 - Please call the Accident and Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital if you experience any of the following symptoms outside clinical hours, on Sundays and Public Holidays:
     o Temperature above 37.7°C (100°F) after chemotherapy
     o Chest pain or shortness of breath
     o Excessive bleeding
     o Persistent vomiting and diarrhoea
     o Sudden weakness in the lower limbs ​​​​