Radiotherapy Department
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Radiotherapy Department

Clinical Hours
Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 16:00
Or according to exigencies of the service.

Contact numbers

Where is the Radiotherapy department at the Oncology Centre?
The Radiotherapy Department is located on Level -1.

Planning your radiotherapy treatment
Once you are referred for Radiotherapy treatment, you can expect to start your treatment within a few weeks. During this period, you will be called for a CT scan. This CT scan is different to other scans, in that it is not used to provide a diagnosis. Following your CT scan, your consultant, the medical physicists and the rest of the planning team will design a radiotherapy plan specifically for you.

Preparation for treatment
When you arrive at the Radiotherapy Department, please inform the receptionist of your arrival. Please wait in the reception area until you are called by the respective treatment units. You do not need to prepare for radiotherapy unless you are informed by the radiographer. Some patients who may need to drink water before treatment will be asked by the radiographer to start drinking. Other patients may need to change into a gown. If you were given a gown when having your CT scan, please bring it with you every day for your treatment.

Radiotherapy Treatment
Radiotherapy treatment is given in the radiotherapy department as a series of short daily sessions. Each treatment takes 10–15 minutes. The treatment is usually given Monday–Friday with a rest at the weekend, for a duration of 3-7 weeks depending on the individual. Your appointment time may vary during the week. If you require a specific time, please advise the staff two days before.

On your first day of treatment, please inform the receptionist that you have arrived. The radiographer will then go over the whole procedure, often referred to as a ‘first day chat’. The radiographers will explain the full process of treatment and side effects and can answer any of your questions that you may have before commencing the treatment. You will then be taken into the treatment room and positioned in exactly the same position as that of your CT scan. The radiographers will then leave the room but will monitor you through an audio-visual system.

It is important to stay still throughout the whole treatment session. Before delivering the treatment, X-ray images may be required to make sure that the treatment is delivered to the correct area. After these images are acquired and checked, the treatment will start. You will see the machine moving around you. It will come close to you but it will not touch you. Once the machine is in the right position, the machine will be switched on and the Radiotherapy treatment will begin. You will not feel or see anything, but you will hear a beeping sound.

Once the treatment is delivered, you can get dressed and the radiographer will provide you with the time for your next treatment session.

After your final treatment, you will be given an appointment with your oncologist, who will discuss your treatment and plan follow up appointments to monitor your progress. Following treatment, you will also be reviewed by your nurse to discuss any issues that may arise.

Who will take care of me during my treatment?
At the radiotherapy department, you will meet radiographers, Focal nurses or your oncologist. Should you encounter any difficulties and/or experience side-effects related to radiotherapy, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Accompanying persons
You may bring a relative or friend to wait with you before your treatment session and they may come in for the first day chat before having your first treatment. Relatives/friends will not be allowed into the treatment room with you. We kindly ask that you limit the number of people that you bring with you.