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Clinical Perfusion Services

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Clinical Perfusion Services is mainly involved in providing temporary support to the patient’s circulatory system during heart surgery and other procedures when required. Local perfusionists are also involved in point-of-care testing in the operating theatres.


During open-heart surgery, e.g. bypass surgery, replacement/repair of heart valves etc, the heart and lungs are stopped for the surgeon to work on the delicate structures of the heart. As this is incompatible with life, an artificial heart and lung known collectively as a heart-lung machine, is connected to the patient’s circulation taking up the function of the native heart and lungs. This process is called cardio-pulmonary bypass (CPB).

Whilst being supported by the heart lung machine, the perfusionist is entrusted with the wellbeing and the safety of the patient. The perfusionist monitors and adjusts the patient’s physiological parameters such as the blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood. He is also responsible of managing the technical aspects of the heart​​ lung machine. When the surgeon has completed his intervention, the heart and lungs are restarted and the patient is disconnected from the machine.

Perfusionists at MDH are also involved in cell salvaging. Blood collected from the sterile operating field as well as that remaining in the heart lung machine after surgery is washed and bagged. This is given back to the patient reducing the need for blood transfusion.​

All patients undergoing planned and/or emergency open heart surgery or other operations requiring cardio-pulmonary support.
Back Office Process

The service is provided to all patients booked by the consultant cardiac surgeon for open heart surgery. It is also available for any emergency surgical procedure requiring cardio-pulmonary bypass.
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How safe is a heart-lung machine?
Answer: The heart-lung machines and associated medical equipment available at Mater Dei Hospital are state of the art medical device purposely built for such procedures. They have a number of safety devices installed which maximise patient safety. The heart lung machine also has its own power back-up in the event of an electricity failure.
Question: Do I need to book a heart lung machine for my open heart surgery?
Answer: Open heart surgery cannot be performed without the heart lung machine. Consequently, when the surgeon books the patient for cardiac surgery, this encompasses all the services necessary, which includes those offered by Clinical Perfusion Services.


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