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Development of Post Graduate Specialised Training Programmes (ESF 04.0080)


Development of Post Graduate Specialised Training Programmes Image

​​ESF 04.0080 – Development of Post Graduate Specialised Training Programmes

 The Healthcare sector is in a continuous process of change and evolution due to constant scientific and technological advances. The challenges related to this journey for excellence are the motivators for Allied Health Professionals to seek specialisation i​n particular areas. Enhancing specialisation and training programmes for Allied Health Professionalism is the first step for improving Allied Health workforce skills and maintaining high quality of care in Malta. 

This project aims to improve the quality and efficiency of Health services through the development of specialised training programmes for various Health Professions in identified areas. This will require research on local and international programmes and consultation with stakeholders. The project will collaborate with Associations and support Allied Health Professions to set up associations where these are not present. Various stakeholders will form Specialist Training Committees to discuss areas of Specialisation and develop programmes. The final phase of this project will be the training of training coordinators. The setting up of these specialised Health Programmes will restructure, strengthen and improve the overall delivery of health services. Specialised Allied Health Professionals will have the skills, knowledge and expertise to face the challenges and changes of the health system which in turn will ultimately benefit the general public.​