Pathology (Laboratory) Services
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Pathology (Laboratory) Services

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Our Services


The Pathology Departm​ent offers the full range of services that are generally required by the clinician. The Department’s test list consists of about 600 different tests that are carried out at its Mater Dei Hospital Laboratories as well as a large number of specialized tests that are subcontracted to our overseas supplier. The complete test menu consists of about 1700 tests.

Most tests take only a few days to be carried out but some require longer time to process. Testing of an urgent nature is carried out 24x7.


Tests can only be requested by physicians and patients who require testing should see their doctor who will then order the appropriate tests after examining the patient.

Patients can opt to go either through their private General Practitioner, through a Health Centre or through Hospital Outpatients’ Clinic to get the necessary testing carried out. The Pathology Department does not accept self-referrals by the patients themselves.
All Maltese citizens or foreigners holding a residency permit can be referred to benefit from Pathology services.
Required Documents

When vi​​siting your doctor, take your ID card with you.
Back Office Process
The necessary test requests are made by the doctor after examining the patient. This is done either on line if the doctor is in Government service (Government hospitals and Health Centres) or via a Ticket of Referral if a private General Practitioner.
Phlebotomy (bleeding) of patients is carried out by appointment either at the Health Centres or at Mater Dei Hospital Outpatients Phlebotomy Service. Patients at Mater Dei Hospital wards are bled by the Pathology Department’s phlebotomists. The Pathology Department’s phlebotomists do not bleed Outpatients.
Data that is collected is kept in the Laboratory’s computer system fully according to the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Tests are carried out by qualified registered Medical Laboratory Scientists on the latest state of the art equipment. The Pathology Department also offers the clinicians a full consultancy service through its Consultant Pathologists.
Results are sent directly to the referring doctor either via the Hospital IT systems or by mailing the results to the doctor’s home or clinic.
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I think that I require some particular test, can I come directly to Pathology?
Answer: No. Pathology does not accept self-referrals. Tests are requested by doctors after they examine their patients and on the basis of their clinical findings.
Question: Do you mail results to patients?
Answer: No. Pathology sends the results to the requesting doctor or clinic. Most of the results are not even printed as they can be accessed directly anywhere within the Government health system network through the hospital software system.
Question: What can I do to get a printed copy of my result?
Answer: Printed copy of results can be obtained from Mater Dei Hospital’s Customer Care Unit as per provisions of the Data Protection Act. The Pathology Department does not give results directly to patients.
Question: Can I phone to enquire about my test?
Answer: No. You have to go through your doctor or through Mater Dei Hospital Customer Care Unit to get any information about your results. Giving information over the phone to an unknown person goes against the Data Protection Act.
Question: Can I ask that my tests be requested anonymously?
Answer: Yes. You need to ask your doctor and agree on a code that identifies you to your doctor. Certain tests like the HIV test are always done anonymously except in rare cases where the identity of the patients must be known (e.g.: for adoption purposes). Other routine tests can be requested anonymously but this is not advisable as these tests would, by their being anonymous, then not be available to other clinicians as part of your medical history in case of emergency or follow up.
Question: What tests can my General Practitioner request?
Answer: Your General Practitioner can order most of the common tests that are normally needed in general practice. For specialised tests, you need to be referred by your General Practitioner to a specialist in Government service.
Question: Is there a waiting list for Laboratory Testing?
Answer: Except for a few tests, notably histology tests and tests sent to our reference laboratory abroad, tests are carried out within a few days. However phlebotomy as well as the reading of test results to the patient, requires an appointment. As these are carried out by third parties Pathology has no control over their management.
Question: Is confidentiality guaranteed with Laboratory Testing?
Answer: Yes. This is guaranteed by the strict adherence to the Data Protection Act and its provisions as well as by the professionalism of those who work within the Laboratory.
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How to Contact Us

Generally, patients are encouraged to contact either their doctor or the Health Centre where they were 
seen if they want to enquire about test results. 

Keeping in mind that Pathology does not divulge any information about tests to patients, should anyone
still want to contact Pathology they can contact the Laboratory Manager as follows:

Our Office
The Manager
Mater Dei Hospital
Imsida – MSD 2090

+356 2545 6383/4

Opening hours

We are open during the following hours:
Monday-Sunday         7.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. 

Out of these hours, the Pathology Department operates on an urgent basis only.

When you phone us you can expect us to:  

  • Answer as soon as possible 
  • Identify ourselves 
  • Will help you as much as possible 
  • Will direct you to the proper alternatives if we cannot help you ourselves