Physiological Measurements
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Physiological Measurements

Physiological Measurement examinationOur Services


Physiological Measurements has been embraced to reflect those services that predominantly focus on assessing the function of major organs. These services are used to facilitate a vast range of therapeutic interventions strategies.

The physiological measurement services are provided in various units.

ECG In-Patients​: Cardiographers are required to acquire scheduled and urgent 12 lead ECGs. ECG’s are also acquired as part of a pre assessment tests prior interventions. Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ECG Out-Patients: Technicians are required to acquire 12 lead ECGs as part of a follow up investigations as required by consultants within the out patients department.

Accident & Emergency Department: 12 lead ECG is acquired as part of the patient assessment in emergency treatment plan and part of the hospital admission protocol.

Primary Health Care: ECG services are also provided in the Community where patients are referred by the Health Centre Consultant in their respective Health Centres.

There are various specialized units within the Physiological Measurement Services. Within the Cardiac discipline technicians participate in both invasive and non invasive procedures.

Cardiac Catheterisation Suite: In this invasive department technicians participate in a multi disciplinary manner where they assist cardiologists during angiograms, angioplasty, Cardiac Rhythm devices implantation as well as TAVI procedures.

Cardiac Laboratory: Technicians work in a non invasive department which caters for Exercise stress tests, MIBI, Echoes. Event monitors, 7 day/24 hour ECG Holter and 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitors.

Pacemaker Clinic: After insertions of pacemaker/cardiac arrhythmia devices, patients need to be followed up by technicians. These checks are done routinely as deemed necessary by the clinical findings.

Other specialised areas within the Physiological Measurement Services include the Respiratory and Neuro physiology Science.

EEG: In this department technicians acquire diagnostics investigation in conditions affecting the central nervous system. These are attained by testing the electrical functions of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Sleep Disorder Laboratory: Data is acquired during the night whilst monitoring patients’ sleep brain, cardiac and respiratory patterns. These investigation assist physicians in the diagnosis of Sleep disorders. During the morning technicians routinely see patients using A/Bi/CPAP machines to check to enhance their compliance in aim to maximise treatment benefits.

Staff working within the Cardiac and Respiratory disciplines supports also an on call from home services for life threatening situations.
A referral from the respective Consultant need to be completed to be able to benefit from one of the non urgent services provided. However, for specific services an open door policy for emergent situations is also available.
All Maltese citizens and foreigners holding a residency permit can benefit from any services. For non urgent cases, foreigners who do not qualify for free treatment need to be processed in the Billings section of Mater Dei Hospital and pay accordingly to the tests needed. In the Sleep Disorder Laboratory, patients in possession of a Pink Card (Schedule II) who are in need of a CPAP machine can loan the machine from the hospital against a refundable deposit.
Required Documents
In all physiological measurement departments the ID card is required. In the Sleep Disorder Laboratory a valid pink card (Schedule II) is essential.
Back Office Process
Referrals are sent to the various departments within the Physiological Measurement Services. These would have been triaged and prioritized by the Consultant/Physicians within the respective specialities in the Mater Dei Hospital. Appointments are either sent to the patient via postal mail or via telephone. All patients’ appointment movements are kept in a computerized system. Documentation is the basis of our departments for traceability purposes.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What is CPAP machine?
Answer: Continuous Positive Air Pressure. It is a machine which helps in treatment of patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Question: Do I need a referral every time I have a problem/query?
Answer: No. A patient can call the needed department and staff are trained to answer and support patients queries

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