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Social Work 

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The Social Work Profession aims to "...promote or restore a mutually beneficial interaction between individuals as well as between individuals and society in order to improve the quality of life, by aiding persons in receipt of such services to understand, resolve and prevent personal, interpersonal, family or social problems" (Social Work Act, 2003).

Social Work interventions are based on values that include respect for the equality, worth and dignity of all people. Social Work, generally, addresses the barriers, inequalities and injustices that exist in society, responds to crises as well as to everyday personal and social problems and utilises a variety of skills, techniques and activities consistent with its holistic focus on persons and their environments.
Social Work is an Allied Health Profession within different health settings.  Social workers are dedicated to enhancing human capacity to solve complex social problems by focusing on the strengths of individuals, families and communities.  They assist people in managing their daily lives, coping with issues, dealing with relationships, and solving personal and family problems.  The main objective of Social Work is to empower individuals to reach their full potential and to achieve good quality lives within our society.
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How to Contact Us

Mater Dei Social Work Service

Mental Health Services

Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech​

Relevant Contact Numbers:

Social Work Service Departments

Mount Carmel Hospital:    21415183/23304038
Gozo General Hospital:  21561600
Cospicua Mental Health Clinic:  21804996/89
Qormi Mental Health Clinic:  21441317/21440170
Floriana Mental Health Clinic:  21220454
Paola Mental Health Clinic:                   21821566                 
Mtarfa Mental Health Clinic:  21454917
Zejtun Day Centre:  21820263



Social Work Services in collaboration with Agenzija Appogg

 Mater Dei Hospital:    25455571
 SAMOC:  25452319 / ​
 SVPR:   22912384/2379
 Gozo General Hospital:
 Outreach Community Team: 
 Qormi Mental Health Clinic:                   21441317/21440170

For more information about these services, please visit website 

Social Work Department RHKG: 

You can contact us by: 

  • Coming personally to our office
  • Contacting us via phone or fax 
  • Writing to us ​