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Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech

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The Social Worker, within the Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech, forms part of the Inter-Professional Team, while also works with both the Patients and their families from the day the Patient is admitted till discharge from the hospital. The Social Worker is therefore involved on two levels: (1) Social Work Clinical Practice; and (2) Inter-Professional Practice.

The Person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to benefit from this service can be referred by a Consultant within RHKG.




All Maltese citizens or foreigners receiving a service either as an In-Patient or as an Out Patient. 

Required Documents

Back Office Process

As part of the Social Work Clinical Practice, Social Workers carry out an in-depth assessment with clients (the Patient and their family). The objective of the assessment is to identify client expectations, wishes, concerns, challenges and needs, by:

  1. Helping clients through their bereavement re their present condition and situation;
  2. Enabling and empowering clients to resolve those issues which can be resolved, help the families to come to terms with the presenting situation, bridge their differences and look for new/alternative ways of coping;
  3. Encouraging the carers to participate in the care process, accept support and look for support, understand that their own health and well-being is also important;
As a result of the Social Work assessment, the Social Worker will:
  • Build a reciprocal trusting relationship between the client/s and the social worker;
  • Refer client/s to other agencies as is appropriate;
  • Help client/s plan for discharge after the Patient’s In-Patient or Day Hospital/Out-Patient rehabilitation period;
  • Make available application forms and information, about the network of community services;
As part of Inter-Professional Practice, the Social Worker participates during weekly ward rounds and conferences, Family Training Sessions, Home Visits and when required Joint Sessions with other professionals mainly during therapy sessions.

How to Contact Us

You can contact us by: 

  • Coming personally to our office
  • Contacting us via phone or fax 
  • Writing to us 


 Our Office
 Address Social Work Department
Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech
G’Mangia Hill
Pieta PTA 1312
Telephone 22084680

Opening hours
We are open during the following hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

When you visit our Office we will:
  • Be quick, courteous and helpful
  • Welcome you in a clean and friendly environment.

When you phone us you can expect us to:
  • Answer promptly
  • Identify ourselves.​