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Allied Assistants are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. These health care workers assist the various health professionals in the overall delivery of health services that are critical to transform people’s lives.

An allied assistant performs clinical and administrative activities under the supervision of allied health care professionals and the relevant departments. 

Allied assistants work in a wide variety of health care settings – in hospitals, both in ward and out patient settings, private sector, voluntary and non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), in any speciality and setting.
Different Areas
Allied Assistants 

Allied Assistants (Audiology) 
The nature of the work may be ward or outpatient clinic based and in diverse community settings.
  •  ​Carries out simple repairs of hearing aids 
  • Carries out simple pure tone audiometry in geriatric cases needing hearing aid
  • Carries out basic audiometry tests in adults
  • Carries out basic oto-acoustic screening tests
  • Assists the audiologist and audiology physicians during various investigations including vestibulometry. 

Allied Assistants (Medical Laboratory Science Laboratories) 
  • Carries out laboratory administrative chores including registration patient data, computer data entry, issuing, sorting and filing of results 
  • Performs non-analytical laboratory work such as accepting sample acceptability, sample pre-treatment, configuration of samples, preservation and storage of samples, preparation of media and agents and transport of samples from one area to another
Allied Assistants (Occupational Therapy)
The OT Aide assists the Occupational Therapist in the treatment and rehabilitative programme of the patients and also to be part of the interdisciplinary team. 
  • ​Assist in ​programmes, group therapy sessions including preparation materials in particular and relevant settings 
  • ​Provide follow-up sessions with the patient.

Allied Assistants (Ophthalmic Department)

An allied assistant working within the Ophthalmic Department provides patient care by performing many different eye related clinical functions. The allied assistant helps the Ophthalmologist, Optometrist and Orthoptists care for patients by performing various procedures and tests.
Allied Assistants (Physiological Measurements)
  • Prepares all equipment and consumables used for physiological measurements to be ready in the time of testing. 
  • Maintains equipment maintenance schedules 
  • Fits electrodes to the patient's body and makes sure correct connection to the machine. 
  • Explains procedure to patient 
  • Takes readings which the doctor uses to make decisions about treatment
Allied Assistant (Physiotherapy)
  • ​Assist the Physiotherapist in the treatment and rehabilitative programme of the patients and also are part of the interdisciplinary team. 
  • Assist the physiotherapist in carrying out treatment programmes, either on an individual basis or in groups. 
  • Assisting patients in carrying out therapeutic activities as determined by the physiotherapist. 
  • Assisting the physiotherapist in moving, handling and supporting patients
Allied Assistant (Podiatry)
  • ​Carries out foot care and treatment under the supervision of a registered podiatrist. 
  • Cuts toenails 
  • Applies dressings
Allied Assistant (Medical Imaging)
  • ​Process film images 
  • Assist in maintaining agreed stock levels of consumable items 
  • Prepare and assist with general and specialised procedures including biopsies 
  • Ensure a clean and hygienic working environment 
  • Prepare patients for treatment 
  • Undertake basic maintenance of equipment

Decontamination Technicians working within CSSD
  • ​Handles the decontamination assembly inspection, wrapping and sterilisation of surgical instruments and medical equipment 
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of the consumables 
  • Ensure effective medical supplies instrument supply.

The Dental Surgery Assistants (DSA):
  • Assist the dental surgeons and dental hygienists during patient care. 
  • Store and maintain clinical supply inventory. 
  • Prepare oral surgery set ups, packing and sterilisation of instruments. 
  • Provide patients with instructions for oral care before and after treatment. 

  • Carry out a thorough assessment of the blood sample requests and identifies the proper specimen bottles required for the tests required. 
  • Collects the appropriate containers and labels the specimens correctly. 
  • Use hospital IT system to view and acknowledge requests for venepuncture and print the necessary documentation. 
  • Performs venepuncture and skin punctures, and ensures proper specimens for testing.


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