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Applying for an EHIC

International travelling has become cheaper and more widespread than ever before. In this respect, it’s easy to forget the health risks that may be involved. Few countries offer free, straightforward, access to medical facilities like that provided by our State.

In this area one can find information about the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), the Maltese citizens’ passport to free or reduced-cost emergency care in most other European countries and European Economic Area. This area also contains advice for travellers about planning ahead, staying healthy and getting treatment elsewhere in the world.

To obtain an EHIC follow this information:


Persons issued with a EHIC will be eligible to free or reduced-cost emergency medical treatment during temporary visits in EEA countries and Switzerland.
The purpose of the EHIC is to facilitate access to medical care during the holder’s temporary stay in another Member State, and to speed up reimbursement of the costs incurred.
For more detailed information about the EHIC click here 

Who is eligible for the Service?

Persons who are ordinarily residing in Malta and are:
  • Covered by the national Social Security legislation. 

​Students: Full-time students are entitled to a EHIC which covers you for all necessary sickness benefits in kind during the course of studies; please email us at​ for further guidance.

Applying for an EHIC

The EHIC is free. A separate application form is needed for each person, with the exception of children under 16. 

Applicants with an ID number ending in (A) should include the following with their application:

  • Copy of official letter from employer indicating whether contract is indefinite or definite. In case of the latter, duration of contract and, if applicable, end of probation period.  
  • In case of dependent citizens, birth or marriage certificate as applicable.

You can:

  • Apply by clicking here if you have an e-ID.
  • Download the application form by clicking here​​, fill it in and send on the below indicated postal address.
  • Collect an application form from the Entitlement Unit or from any Local Council, fill it in and return it to the Head of Entitlement Unit, Ground Floor, Ex-Outpatients Block, St. Luke's Hospital, G'Mangia Hill, G'Mangia, Malta.

Renewing an EHIC

An EHIC is usually valid for 5 years. You will need to apply for a new one before the expiry date as indicated in the above section. You can apply up to 3 months before the expiry date. In cases where you are applying before the expiry of the card, the valid card has to be submitted with the application for a new card to be issued.

Replacing an EHIC

Lost or stolen EHIC cards will only be replaced upon submission of a new application accompanied with an affidavit or police report.

What are the Citizen’s obligations?

Applicants are obliged to provide correct information and supporting documents requested by the Entitlement Unit. Applications which are incorrectly filled-in or which lack supporting documentation will not be processed. The EHIC must only be used in public hospitals in cases were immediately necessary care is necessary. The EHIC does NOT cover you if the purpose of your visit is to get medical treatment including visits to seek a second opinion. Persons issued with an EHIC are obliged to inform the Unit of any change in circumstances particularly changes related to the transfer of residence to another member state, death and changes in Social Security coverage.

What will the Department / Unit provide in return?

The Entitlement Unit will issue the EHIC within 5 working days from receipt of application.

Cards are processed on a first come first served basis.