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Items Problematic to Source

​​Below is a list of items that CPSU has found problematic to source:

Sage Code Item  Annual Consumption 
J026 AZTREONAM 1G INJECTIONS                                 100
J027 AZTREONAM 2G INJECTIONS                                 200
A700 BEXAROTENE 75MG CAPSULES                                 850
J031 BLEOMYCIN 15MG VIALS                                 390
J360 CIPROFLOXACIN 100MG IN 50ML IV INJECTIONS                              1,400
J936 DIMERCAPROL INJECTIONS                                  10
J271 DINOPROSTONE INJECTIONS / ALPROSTADYL                                  54
A616 DMSA TABLETS                                 100
J087 DOXAPRAM INJECTION                              2,920
J767 DOXYCICLINE HCL 100MG IV INJECTIONS                                 272
J394 FLUCYTOSINE 2.5G INFUSION                                  56
A119 HALOPERIDOL 1.5MG                           286,821
J368 INTERFERON GAMMA                                 288
J779B MERCI DEVICE                                 600
RV013 PHENOBARBITONE 30MG/ML INJECTIONS                                  15
A210 POTASSIUM CHLORIDE TABS                           870,318
A375 POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENT TABS                                   18
A472a PRAZIQUANTEL 500-600MG TABLETS                                 250
A217 PROCARBAZINE HCL 50MG CAPSULES                              1,000
A232 PYRIMETHAMINE & SULPHAMETHOXAZOLE TABLETS                                    9
A231 PYRIMETHAMINE 25MG TABLETS                                 600
A243 SODIUM BICARBONATE 500/600MG                          101,225
J345 SODIUM THIOSULPHATE 50% INJECTIONS                                 100
A280 THIAMINE                              1,676
A328 TRETINOIN 10MG CAPSULES                              5,511
A260 VITAMIN A TABS                           591,908
A319 ZUCLOPENTHIXOL 10MG                               8,306
A320 ZUCLOPENTHIXOL 2MG                             20,727

Further information regarding the above items problematic to source please contact us on or at our offices Central Procurement & Supplies Unit, UB002 Industrial Estate San Gwann, SGN3000

on any working day between 8.30am and 12.00pm​