Items Problematic to Source
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Items Problematic to Source

​​​Below is a list of items that CPSU has found problematic to source:

D110     METHOXSALEN LOTION 0.012(25-30ML)
J601     BACLOFEN 3000 MCG/ML
J205     Sodium stibogluconate injections
J210     Spectinomycin 2g injections
RV003    Diazepam 10mg emulsion injection - Diazemuls®

Disclaimer: List problematic to source 11th ​MAY 2022.

This list will be updated regularly and is dynamic. Anyone interested to supply or recommend an alternative is invited to address CPSU MFH on subject title: Problematic to Source and for quantities one should refer to the consumption within the same website - CPSU as a rule of thumb will accept to procure up to 6 months top-up to current available stock, unless there are further directions. The responsible person will send the bid received for evaluation and if technically compliant an order will be raised within 24-48 hours. The procurement process will be considered to be as a Direct order due to the urgent issue related to access of treatment. In case that more than one bidder approaches the contracting authority during the same time the process will tackle delivery as an arbitrary decision. The item will be removed from the list once the stock is delivered within CPSU.

Further information regarding the above items problematic to source please contact us on or at our offices Central Procurement & Supplies Unit, UB002 Industrial Estate San Gwann, SGN3000 on any working day between 8.30am and 12.00pm​