9th Supplier's Conference
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9th Supplier's Conference


08:30          Registration and virtual coffee discussion 

09:00          Opening Speech
09:15          CPSU Presentation
09:30          Case Scenarios based on the following topics:

A. New strategy dynamics for Market research, sourcing, and supply Market Access: 

                                                1. New technologies

                   2. Importation

                   3. New modalities to manage supply


B. Incident reporting and closing the loop

                   1. Non-Conformance Reports

                   2. Assessment

                   3.Remedial and corrective action


C. Legality and practicality in Health care​

                   1. Practice-oriented approach within the legal parameters

                                                2. Interoperability

                                                3. Proposed changes in procurement legislation

10:00          Breakout sessions
11:00          Case Scenario Presentations
12:00          Open Discussion & Proposed way forward
13:00          Concluding Speech