Official Opening of the New CPSU Offices
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Official Opening of the New CPSU Offices

On Wednesday 20th June, 2018, Ing. Karl Farrugia inaugurated the opening of the Central Procurement and Supplies Unit’s new offices at San Gwann Industrial Estate, San Gwann SGN3000, thus, marking another successful milestone in the history of this department.

In his brief address, Ing Karl Farrugia, CEO for CPSU Health, remarked how “CPSU evolved throughout the years from having stores and offices spread along various locations in Malta, like Marsa, Madliena, Gwardamangia and various other sites, to having a centralised location for the offices and stores of the largest public procurement and distribution department in Malta.’’

The Central Procurement and Supplies Unit’s CEO said that today’s milestone was in fact the completion of the second phase of the project, having already gathered the peripheral medical stores into one storage and distribution center.

The project development is still half way through since a new floor is planned to be built on the administration block, as well as the expansion of the stores section in order to accommodate further the CPSU functions.

Ing. Karl Farrugia said that “Today’s event isn’t about the new building or the products procured and supplied by the Department but in fact it is all about the strength and the unity of the individuals working here who throughout their day to day efforts make all this possible”.

“Each and every individual working at CPSU is important and essential for the successful goals achieved by the Health Sector in Malta.  A clear example is the Strategy for the Elimination of the Hepatitis C Virus in Malta, launched the day before by the Ministry for Health and for which CPSU played the main role in initiating this curative treatment plan.  In the coming years, Malta shall be one of the first countries in the world to eliminate this public health threat.”

CEO CPSU, thanked all the employees present for this occasion, on behalf of every patient receiving treatment by virtue of the CPSU services as well as their relatives and families.  He expressed his gratitude to all employees for their hard work, efforts and dedication, claiming that they are the foundation of all the success achieved by CPSU.

This occasion was commemorated by the celebration of mass at the stores and the discovery of a commemorative plaque at the CPSU front office.  A reception for all members of staff followed at the CPSU grounds.