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Mission Statement:

To promote excellence in all aspects of nursing and midwifery services and in leading, supporting and coordinating of such services in Malta and Gozo.

Vision Statement:

The provision of high-quality patient care through the promotion of evidence-based practice and continuous advancement of nursing and midwifery professional practice.


a.       To manage, coordinate and support the nursing and midwifery services under the Ministry of Health.

b.     To assist and collaborate in the recruitment and deployment of nurses and midwives across all entities and ensure adequate staffing levels within the National Health Services.

c.      To engage in the development of nursing and midwifery services in the Primary and Community, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care settings.

d.      To set benchmarks for quality nursing and midwifery services in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders as part of the healthcare licensing, credentialing and regulatory mechanisms.

e.      To engage in local and international nursing research and projects in relation to the development of quality initiatives for nursing and midwifery services in Malta

f.   To develop the international profile of nursing and midwifery services in Malta as part of an overall commitment to the improvement of healthcare delivery.

g.     To support the development of the national nursing and midwifery education and training to reflect recent advances in health science and evidenced-based practice being an integral part of the process of quality healthcare delivery. 


General Data Protection Regulation 

The Nursing Services Directorate is set to fully comply with the Data Protection Principles as set out in data protection policy. For further information, you can access our policy by clicking on the link below.
NSD Data Protection Policy ENG.pdfNSD Data Protection Policy 

The Director: Mr. Vincent Saliba      


​Mr. Saliba started his career in 1981 as a nurse at the elderly wards at St. Vincent De Paul Residence. He then spent twenty years nursing in the Intensive Therapy Unit (SLH), eight years of which were as Nursing Officer of the same Unit. He read a Diploma Nursing Studies in Manchester UK in 1995 and a Masters Degree in Nursing Education at the University of Malta in 1999. He occupied the position of secretary of the Medical Equipment Committee for two years between 2002 and 2003 and coordinated the EN to SN conversion course ten year programme at the Nursing Services Directorate between 2003 and 2013. Mr. Saliba was promoted to Senior Nursing Manager in 2011 where he spent 4 years managing wards at St. Vincent De Paul Residence until he was appointed Director Nursing Services in December 2016.

Mr. Saliba, Director Nursing Services

Contact Us

Mr. Vincent Saliba


Tel: 22992550 / 22992551

Email: vincent.saliba@gov.mt


Mr. Jesmond Sharples

Chief Nursing Manager

Tel: 22992554

Email: jesmond.sharples@gov.mt


Ms. Jeanette Cilia

Senior Nursing Manager

Tel: 22992553

Email: joan.a.cilia@gov.mt


Ms. Rodianne Micallef Cann

Charge Nurse

Tel: 22992556

Email: rodianne.micallef-cann@gov.mt


Ms. Maria Cutajar

Deputy Charge Midwife

Tel: 22992550

Email: maria.l.cutajar@gov.mt​

Ms. Clara Ruggier


Tel: 22992550

Email: clara.ruggier@gov.mt


Mr. Andrew Xuereb

Chief Nursing Manager

Tel: 22992283

Email: andrew.p.xuereb@gov.mt


Ms. Sharon Fenech

Senior Nursing Manager

Tel: 22992557

Email: sharon.fenech@gov.mt


Mr. Mario Tabone Pumpach

Charge Nurse

Tel: 22992558

Email: mario.tabone-pumpach@gov.mt​

Ms. Sarah Fleri

Senior Practice Nurse 

Tel: 22992550

Email: sarah.fleri@gov.mt​​