Competency Framework & Evaluation Programme
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Competency Framework & Evaluation Programme


The Competency Framework for Senior Staff Nurse and Senior Midwives incorporates core competencies which are transferable across different practice settings and client populations. Applicants must address and demonstrate evidence for all 19 competencies.

Four documents have been developed to guide applicants in the process including:

 1. Self Assessment Competency Framework* 

This document contains the 19 competencies to which applicants need to provide evidence. 

2. Information booklet 

The booklet contains all the necessary details about the competency framework and evaluation programme.  Applicants are advised to read this document first to get acquainted with the competency assessment framework tool. This document provides background information on the competency framework and how it should be compiled.  It also includes the process of evaluation that will pursue once the framework is submitted.

3. Guide for Evidence and Indicators *

This document contains the 19 competencies, together with a guide for evidence and indicators for each competence The Guide for Evidence (2nd Column ) represent a set of questions that can be answered to provide evidence for the respective competence. The Indicators (3rd column) serve as the standards upon which the appointed Board will evaluate the provided evidence. Therefore applicants are encouraged to read them and ensure that the evidence provided addresses the indicators.

4. Worked Examples*

This document contains samples of evidence for each competence.

*Different documents exist for nurses and midwives.

The documents are available for download on the links below. 

Information booklet ​​