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​​Performance Management Programme

            ​In line with the sectoral agreement dated 28th November 2018, the Nursing Services Directorate has developed an appraisal system to evaluate the clinical/management performance of all officers in Salary Scale 8 or above within the nursing and midwifery class working within the public services.

The purpose of the performance appraisal is to evaluate an individual performance based on their job requirements. The performance management programme requires clear expectations and understanding of the job description and the responsibilities it entails by both the appraisee and the appraiser.

The proposed performance appraisal is intended to provide a means to motivate employees to reflect and embark on a continuous improvement strategy, which will ultimately lead to better patient outcome. This is achieved through the:  

  1. Establishment of shared understanding of roles and responsibilities;
  2. Development of  a means of coordinating work so that the aims and objectives of the entity/services/ministry and the individual responsibilities are aligned;
  3. Establishment of a method of providing regular, ongoing feedback to the appraisee in a way that supports their motivation;
  4. Development of a dialogue between employees and their supervisors which can help to identify problem areas, diagnose the causes and implement a plan of action to address such areas. ​

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