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Competency Assessment and Evaluation Programme leading to Senior Staff Nurse and Senior Midwife (CAF)

The development of the Competency Framework is in line with the Nurses and Midwives Sectoral Agreement dated 6th February 2013. All employees within the grades of Staff Nurse/Midwife (Conversion course, SN Traditional Course,  Diploma and Degree holders) who are interested to progress to the grade of Senior Staff Nurse/Midwife are obliged to undertake the Competency Programme and Evaluation Framework. This is a onetime evaluation programme carried out as part of the application requirement. This process shall apply to all nurses and midwives working within the Maltese National Health System.

Although the post of the Senior Staff Nurse and Senior Midwife is through a call of application, nurses and midwives are encouraged to start compiling the evidence throughout their practicing years.  The eligibility criteria is determined in the call of application. 

For further information about the competency framework click here​.