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Contact Persons: Dr. Kathleen England, Ms Desiree D'Amato​


​To develop comprehensive national data regarding persons diagnosed with dementia in Malta and Gozo.


To collect store, retrieve, analyse and disseminate national aggregated dementia data in order to provide an evidenced based picture of the situation of dementia locally as well as for monitoring trends;


​To provide clinicians and policy makers with information regarding the local situation of persons with dementia which may help formulate future policy and monitor programme implementation; 


​To provide a source of information to health care professionals, students and  the general public which can be used for studies and research purposes;


To answer queries posed by parliament as well as by the media;


In 2013, the Directorate for Health Information and Research (DHIR) started the collection of data to set up a Dementia Register. Prior to the commencement of this register, various stakeholders were consulted in order to verify which variables should be captured and which sources of information should be utilised.​ 


This registry collects information on all patients in the Maltese Islands who were diagnosed with dementia and receive dementia treatment prescribed by the Health Department


Persons who are deemed eligible for dementia treatment as per Government Formulary List apply through their consultant geriatrician, neurologist or psychiatrist who completes the Dementia Register form entitled For persons on anti-dementia medication D1’ (Annex 1) when applying for anti-dementia medication.  Information on persons with dementia who do not fulfil the criteria for eligibility for dementia treatment on the Government Formulary List, but attend outpatient clinics seeing persons with dementia, is also collected through a different Dementia Register form For persons not applying for anti dementia medication D2’ (Annex 2).​ These forms are subsequently sent to the DHIR to be inputted in the Dementia Registry.  Data is collected in collaboration with Pharmacy of Your Choice. 


Below are the reports which have been published by the Dementia Register.

          Dementia Register Report 2014-2015

    ​​Dementia Register First Report - 2013​