Food Imports
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Food Imports

​Any person or Company that wishes to trade or import into Malta, food or food contact materials must comply with the below points:

  1. Trader Registration

    Be registered as a Trader with the Food Safety Commission as per Trading Regulations, 2004 L.N. 315 of 2004 (MT).  Registration is free of charge and can be done online here.  Once registered, applicant will receive an acknowledgment with the Traders Registration Number which must be used for the notification form (below) for every import.

    It is also important that the importer/trader is in a possession of a valid VAT No. Please visit the Office of Commissioner for Revenue for further information.

  2. Importation

    If the food or food contact material intended to be traded in, is imported from outside the European Union, Trader needs to submit the following documentation:

    a. Duly filled notification form​ 

    b. Customs Entry Document

    c. Arrival Notice

    d. Copy of Invoice and other delivery documents such as packing lists;

    e. Health certification related to the consignment which may include health certificates issued by the competent authority from the exporting country, certificates of analysis and technical specifications. It is imperative to check beforehand whether specific requirements exist for the food or contact material intended to be imported from specific countries, as per EU regulations.  

In view of COVID-19 restrictions, Port Health Services are not accepting visitors. All documents are to be sent electronically via email on It is imperative that:
(a) documents are colour scans of the original;
(b) documents are scanned at the original size;
(c) no part or pages of the documents are omitted;
(d) both sides of the page (where applicable) are scanned;
(e) scanned documents are to be presented in PDF format as ONE document; 
(f) information is clear and readable; and that
(g) fill in the table below and insert it in email:
​Local Reference No (LRN No.)
​Declarant's Name
​Importer's Name
​Container No

Documentation will be then assessed and if deemed compliant, will be endorsed via email and copied to Customs Department. In case of doubts, officials reserve the right to request for original documentation to be submitted personally/post as is standard practice. 


    Certain foods may need to be registered with TRACES-NT which is the TRade Control and Expert System of the European Union.  Please contact us for further information.

  2. Trading within EU

    Trade of food and food contact materials within the EU Member States is allowed without any specific controls. However, Traders should abide also with national legislation, mainly by notifying all trade with INTRASTAT. All fields and codes are to be properly filled in so that trade can be confirmed by Port Health Officers.  This is also in line with L.N. 315 of 2004.

  3. Food Premises Registration

    Traders are to be aware that some businesses may require approval to operate by other competent authorities including cold stores. All premises including stores and delivery vehicles however should be registered with the Food Safety Commission by filling the Food Premises Registration Form​. Food Premises Registration certificates can be issued by the Food Safety Commission Secretariat, at a charge.

  4. Food Handlers Registration

    Traders are also reminded that persons in contact with food, including stores and delivery personnel need to be in possession of a Food Handlers Card. Please visit the Food Handlers Registration Form page for further information. 

Last updated: 15/06/2022​