Sampling Procedure
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Sampling Procedure

Bathing Water Sampling Procedures

Seawater samples collected by the Environmental Health Directorate are monitored for microbiological parameters, these samples require great care and a series of steps are required before results become available. At each step there is a risk of spoiling the whole procedure. Sterility and correct temperature (e.g. cooling) are of prime importance in the performance of this programme.

Officers collecting these seawater samples follow this sampling procedure:

Sampling bottle on sampling rod.

A clean sterile sample bottle is attached to the sampling rod. Immediately before submerging the sample bottle, the cap is removed and retained in hand.

Health inspector taking sample from the sea using a sampling bottle and rod.

The bottle is submerged between 20 and 30 cm under the water surface using the rod. The mouth of the bottle is kept downwards (in order to avoid excessive contamination by the surface film).

Sampling bottle being sealed.

The sample is turned upwards, and closed again with the same cap. The sample is then removed and placed in a cooler containing frozen ice packs. The bottle is labelled accordingly. Samples are kept in the shade and not exposed to temperatures higher than +10c.

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