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Swimming Pools

The Swimming Pools Regulations, 2005 (L.N. 129 of 2005) was published under the Public Health Act, 2003 (Act No. XIII of 2003) and repealed Legal Notice 77 of 1997 ‘Fees for the testing of water of swimming pools regulations’. Thus, there is no longer the need for public/commercial swimming pools to be licensed by the Superintendent of Public Health.

However, L.N. 129 of 2005 requires the responsible person to register any swimming pool on his premises i.e. being a conventional pool used for recreational bathing, wading pool, spas, diving pool or special purpose pool, which is not used or intended to be used as a pool at a single family residence but found at hotels, apart hotels, farmhouses, health centres, beauty clinics, gyms, etc,. Unless such pools are registered with the Competent Authority, the responsible person shall not permit the use of any swimming pool on his premises.

Registration for each swimming pool should be made in writing and on the appropriate registration form and sent to the Environmental Health Directorate for registration (free of charge) or using the forms available online. Registration of swimming pools under this regulation shall not exempt the responsible person from any obligation to apply for and acquire the necessary licences or permits that may be required by any competent authority. Any person who fails to register his swimming pool/s as stipulated by these regulations shall be guilty of an offence under the Act.

Officials from the Water Regulatory and Auditing Unit carry out audits throughout the year to verify that all provisions under this regulation are being adhered to by the responsible person. The responsible person shall provide to the officials all relevant documentations and evidence that the swimming pool has always been kept safe for recreational use.

Failing to provide any documentation requested, may lead to the closure of the pool or any other action deemed necessary.

Public Health Act, 2003
Swimming Pools Regulations, 2005 (L.N. 1​29 of 2005) as amended by (LN 135 of 2008)

Application Form
Application form for the Registration of Swimming Pools​

Swimming Pools Registered with the Superintendent of Public Health

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