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The Entity

The Embryo Protection Authority is a body corporate having a distinct legal personality and is the sole Regulator of all the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) performed at both the public and private licensed clinics/hospitals in Malta. It has been established as per the Embryo Protection Act 2012 which covers the use and storage of sperm, oocytes (eggs), and embryos for human application.  The Authority sets the standards and determines the policy framework (Protocol) while providing information to stakeholders, the general public, and to couples seeking treatment.
​​​Functions of the Embryo Protection Authority
  • To ensure that high standards of ethics are maintained by all medical practitioners, paramedics and other personnel involved in procedures of medically assisted procreation.

  • To request and obtain, in cases of reasonable suspicion that the provisions of the Embryo Protection Act are not being followed, information and copies, in any form, of documents required by the Commission Directive 2004/23/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004 on setting standards of quality and safety for donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage, and distribution of human tissues and cells to ensure traceability of human cells.

  • To carry out inspections in order to ensure that the standards of best practice are being respected and implemented and that all information and documentation required under Article 18 of the Embryo Protection Act is being kept appropriately.

  • To maintain a statement of the general principles which, in its opinion, should be followed in:
a. Carrying out its activities under the Embryo Protection Act; and 
b. Carrying out its functions in relation to such activities under the Embryo Protection Act.​
  • To ensure, in relation to activities under the Embryo Protection Act, compliance with:
a. The obligations and requirements imposed by or under the Embryo Protection Act
b. The codes of practice established under paragraph (a) of the Embryo Protection Act
  • To perform such other functions as may, from time to time, be prescribed by regulations made under the Embryo Protection Act.