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Act & Legal Notices

Legislation and Regulations

A number of laws and regulations make up the regulatory framework which covers the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) activities held in Malta.

The ‘Enabling’ Act:

The Embryo Protection Act 2012 – Chapter 524 of the Laws of Malta is the ’Parent’ Act governing the Fertility Sector. The Bill was passed through Parliament and provides for the protection of human embryos through the establishment of the regulatory Authority (The Embryo Protection Authority).
Chapter 524 Embryo Protection Act MT
Chapter 524 Embryo Protection Act EN
Embryo Protection Amendment Act MT
Embryo Protection Amendment Act EN​


The Embryo Protection Authority Regulations 2015 – (L.N.32 of 2015 – Chapter 524) have been published by Legal Notice following assent by the then Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Health. It grants the Authority its legal personality and representation and outlines the executive administration and organisation of its affairs.
Legal Notice 32/2015 MT
Legal Notice 32/2015 EN​

Leave for Medically Assisted Procreation, National Standard Order, 2017.
LN156 of 2017 Chapter 452 MT
LN156 of 2017 Chapter 452 EN​