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Health Care Standards

The principal purpose of th​e Health Care Standards Directorate is to achieve improvement in the Quality of Care and ensure Patient Safety. 
The Health Care Standards Directorate embraces the following vision, mission principles and values: 

  VISION:     To use the regulatory role to safeguard Public Health / Inspire excellence in Healthcare.
  MISSION: To convert the Licensing / Regulatory function into a tool / a means to provide the general public 
                    with safe high quality health care / services.
  • To formulate and recommend national standards for hospital services, by the active participation of the relevant stakeholders and interested parties.
  • To promote a quality and patient safety culture within public and private service providers.
  • To regulate the use of human blood and blood components, tissues and cells and organs in terms of the relevant legislation.
  • To inspect and license hospital services, clinics, community and primary care services.
  • To monitor hospital and medical services clinical performance and outcome indicators as part of the health care licensing, and regulatory mechanisms.
  • To engage in local and international research and projects in relation to the development of quality initiatives for health care services in Malta.
  • To enforce health care laws and regulation through advice, education, persuasion and legal action if necessary

PRINCIPLES: keeping people safe, promoting dignity and choice and finally but not least support independence
VALUES: being people centered, transparent and accessible and finally be rigorous and fair, and actively involved to change for the better.
AREAS OF REMITThe Healthcare Standards Organogram