Self Management
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Self Management


​Having a long-term health condition can be overwhelming as most of the times you will be facing some challenges, such as pain, fatigue, and difficulties in communicating effectively with your health professionals. However, by learning self management skills, such as relaxation skills, pacing and action planning, you are more likely to manage such difficulties and feel in control over your life. ‘Ħu Kontroll’ is a six week (one session per week) interactive programme which provides you with the skills and tools required to help you manage the impact a health condition can bring.

Data Protection Statement: All data collected is processed with Article 27 (a) (i) of the Public Health Act and the Data Protection Act 2001. The health data is required for statistics and research purposes in the interest of public health.​

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Note: To attend this programme you either need to be completely independent or you need to have your own carer.