Improving Employee Health in the Workplace
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Improving Employee Health in the Workplace

The prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases in the Maltese population, such as mental ill-health, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers is a key priority for the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate.
Having a healthy working population is important from a personal, economic, social, and political perspective for a society that aspires for health equity. An inclusive workplace environment that supports and promotes health has been shown to improve productivity rates, decrease sickness absenteeism, reduce employee turnover, and lower costs of occupational accidents.
A healthy workplace environment also improves overall staff morale and job satisfaction whilst improving work-life balance. In response to requests by employers for information on how they can create a healthy working environment and support the adoption of healthy behaviour, the Directorate has addressed this knowledge gap by drafting this guidance document to promote health at the workplace.
These guidelines cover a range of different health promotion topics. These include mental health and wellbeing, nutrition, physical activity and reduction of sedentary time, breastfeeding support, tobacco smoking cessation, alcohol and substance misuse, prevention and control of the spread of infections, and wellness when working remotely.
This document provides useful evidence-based guidance and best practices to help employers choose from an array of measures and actions that will assist their employees to make healthier choices and lead healthier lives. Kindly access a full copy of the document via the links below​

Improving Employee Health in the Workplace - English / Maltese​