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Getting Tested

When should a person get tested?
Any person who has any of the below symptoms would need to undergo a swab test.

Common Covid-19 Symptoms

How do I book an appointment?
Swab tests are done at the testing centres ONLY by appointment.

To book your swab test call the Public Health Helpline on 111 or +356 21324086 if you have a foreign number. The operators will take note of your personal details and you will be given an appointment to undergo this test closest to your place of residence.

There are 6 testing centres, one at Pembroke, one at Luqa, one at Mater Dei Hospital (for health care professionals) one in Qormi, one in Burmarrad and one in Xewkija, Gozo.

You will receive an email confirming your appointment date, time and location.

What Instructions do I need to follow when attending the Testing Centre?
When attending for your swab test, it is important that you use your own private car or motorcycle.

If you are being driven, you should sit on the posterior passenger side, using a face mask if you have one, with the windows open. If you are unable to attend using your own transport, other arrangements will be made. Please point this out whilst calling the helpline.

Please note that you CANNOT attend for the swab test using a taxi, bus or any car-sharing option. Take a clean tissue and your ID card as proof of identification.

Testing Centre Image Panel

What does the test involve?
The test involves inserting a nasal swab (a long cotton bud) in through your nasal opening and obtaining a sample of the nasopharyngeal secretions from the back of your nose and throat.

This test lasts a few seconds and may be uncomfortable however the discomfort is over within a short time.

You can drive home right after the test is taken. It is important that you drive immediately home and do not stop to run any errands on the way.

You are to remain strictly at home until the swab result is out. You are to remain home until 24 hours after your symptoms subside. If you have been informed that you are in mandatory quarantine, you are to remain indoors as instructed by the Public Health Authorities. If you are asymptomatic you can go to work after the test.

When will I be notified of the results?
Public Health provides results by email, SMS or a landline phone call within 72 hours, when accurate contact data is provided. If any of the data provided to Public Health is inaccurate, the result may not arrive. If 72 hours elapse and you have not received the result, you may send an email to​ or, if you don’t have an email address, call 111.

The results are also being released to patients through the myHealth portal. All Maltese citizens and residents aged 14+ can access myHealth by going to and logging in using their ID card number (or residence permit number) and their e-ID password. Persons who had an e-ID password but need a new one, and persons who have never had an e-ID password will find helpful links after clicking on ‘Log in with your e-ID’. Access to records of children aged below 14 is only possible for doctors linked to the children through myHealth. Queries related to myHealth may be sent to​.​