Mandatory Standards and Guidances
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Mandatory Standards and Guidances

Mandatory standards for mitigation measures for the Covid-19 transition phase issued under the Public Health Act chapter 465

COVID-19 Data Protection and Privacy Policy
Data Protection Policy​
Privacy Policy
Digital Certificate Privacy Policy​

Mandatory Standards and Guidance Documents
Standards for Bars, Clubs and Similar Establishments​ (June 2021) (Currently Suspended)​
Standards and Guidance for Water Fun Parks (June 2021) (Currently Suspended)​
​​​​Standards for Gatherings and Mass Events English/Maltese​ (November 2020) (Currently Suspended)​
Standards for Cinemas and Theatres​​ (June 2021(Currently Suspended)​ ​​​​
Registered Swimming Pools and Indoor Entertainment Areas​ Checklist (June 2020) (Currently Suspended)​​​​
Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Spas and Saunas​ (June 2020) (Currently Suspended)​​

In the interest of containing the spread of Covid-19 the Health Authorities have produced various guidance documents. These are found below and can be freely downloaded:

Guidance on Workplaces
Guidance for Carers in Homes for the Elderly English/Maltese​ (May 2020)
Guidance for Taxi and Cab Owners and Drivers English/Maltese​ (December 2020)
Guidance for Resumption of Driving Tests-Theory and Practical English/Maltese​ (December 2020)

Guidance for Educational and Cultural Activities
Information for Schools Regarding the Medical Management of Children Attending Childcare, Kindergarten or School  English​/Maltese​ (October 2020)

Guidance on How to Protect Yourself and Others
Guidance for persons who are at higher risk of developing complications​ (October 2020)
Guidance for Domestic Waste During Covid-19 English/Maltese​ (May 2020)
Covid-19 Guidelines for Pets and Other Animals​ (November 2020)

Legal Notices
LN185 of 2021 - Repealing Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN184 of 2021 - Closure of Places Open to the Public  (Amendment No.3) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN183 of 2021 - Groups of Persons in Residential Properties (Amendment No.4) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN182 of 2021 - Number of Persons in Public Spaces (Amendment No.3) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese​​
LN157 of 2021 - Groups of Persons in Residential Properties (Amendment no.3) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese​
LN101 of 2021 - Closure of Places Open to the Public (Amendment) Order, 2021 English/Maltese
LN97 of 2021 - Closure of Schools Order 2021 English/Maltese​
LN94 of 2021 - Enforcement of The Order Relating to the Closure of Places Open to the Public Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN93 of 2021 - Organised Sport Activities Regulations English/Maltese​
LN 92 of 2021 - Closure of Food and Drink Outlets (Amendment No.2) Regulations 2021 English/Maltese
LN91 of 2021 - Enforcement of The Order Relating to the Closure of Non-Essential Outlets and Outlets Providing Non-Essential Services Regulations, 2021 English​/Maltese​
LN 90 of 2021 - Closure of Non-Essential Outlets and Outlets Providing Non-Essential Services Order, 2021 English/Maltese​
LN89 of 2021 - Number of Persons in Public Spaces (Amendment) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese​
LN88 of 2021 - Organised Mass Events (Amendment) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN87 of 2021 - Closure of Places Open to the Public Order, 2021 - English/Maltese​
LN86 of 2021 - Essential Travel Between Malta and Gozo Order, 2021 English/Maltese
LN82 of 2021 - Mandatory Use of Medical or Cloth Masks (Amendment) Regulations 2021 English/Maltese​
LN76 of 2021 - Contact Sports Regulations English/Maltese​ 
LN403 of 2020 - Organised Public Mass Events (Amendment No.5)​ English/Maltese
LN402 of 2020 - Mandatory Use of Medical or Cloth Masks (Amendment  No.3) English/Maltese
LN244 of 2020 - Travel Ban (Extension to all Countries)(Amendment)​ English/Maltese
LN63 of 2020 - Period of Quarantine (Extension of Countries) English/Maltese
LN44 of 2020 - Service of Notice Relating to Enforcement of Quarantine Regulations English/Maltese