Mandatory Standards and Guidances
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Mandatory Standards and Guidances

​As COVID-19 restrictions are gradually relaxed, employers and workers must work together to adapt and promote safe work practices consistent with advice from public health authorities and to ensure that premises are ready for the social distancing and correct hygiene measures that are critical to the success of the transition.

Employers and workers must prevent the transmission of COVID-19 while at work, consistent with updated advice from the public health authorities. Employers and workers must prepare for the possibility that there will be cases of COVID-19 in the workplace and be ready to respond immediately, appropriately, effectively and efficiently, and consistent with specific recommendations from public health authorities.

Mandatory standards for mitigation measures for the Covid-19 transition phase issued under the Public Health Act chapter 465

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Mandatory Standards and Guidance Documents
Standards and Guidance for Wedding Receptions​ (April 2021) (Currently Suspended)​
Standards for Civil Marriage - Public Registry English​/Maltese (April 2021)​​
Standards for the Use of Face Masks and Visors English​/Maltese (October 2020)
Standards for Bars, Clubs and Similar Establishments​​​ (26th February 2021) (Currently Suspended)
​​​​Standards for Gatherings and Mass Events English/Maltese​ (November 2020) (Currently Suspended)​
Mandatory Standards and Guidelines for the Return to Sport in Malta​​​​ (March 2021) (Currently Suspended)​

In the interest of containing the spread of Covid-19 the Health Authorities have produced various guidance documents. These are found below and can be freely downloaded:

Guidance on Workplaces
Guidance for Carers in Homes for the Elderly English/Maltese​ (May 2020)
Guidance for Taxi and Cab Owners and Drivers English/Maltese​ (December 2020)
Guidance for Resumption of Driving Tests-Theory and Practical English/Maltese​ (December 2020)

Guidance for Educational and Cultural Activities
Information for Schools Regarding the Medical Management of Children Attending Childcare, Kindergarten or School  English​/Maltese​ (October 2020)

Guidance on How to Protect Yourself and Others
Guidance for persons who are at higher risk of developing complications​ (October 2020)
Guidance for Domestic Waste During Covid-19 English/Maltese​ (May 2020)
Covid-19 Guidelines for Pets and Other Animals​ (November 2020)

Legal Notices
LN185 of 2021 - Repealing Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN184 of 2021 - Closure of Places Open to the Public  (Amendment No.3) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN183 of 2021 - Groups of Persons in Residential Properties (Amendment No.4) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN182 of 2021 - Number of Persons in Public Spaces (Amendment No.3) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese​​
LN157 of 2021 - Groups of Persons in Residential Properties (Amendment no.3) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese​
LN101 of 2021 - Closure of Places Open to the Public (Amendment) Order, 2021 English/Maltese
LN97 of 2021 - Closure of Schools Order 2021 English/Maltese​
LN94 of 2021 - Enforcement of The Order Relating to the Closure of Places Open to the Public Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN93 of 2021 - Organised Sport Activities Regulations English/Maltese​
LN 92 of 2021 - Closure of Food and Drink Outlets (Amendment No.2) Regulations 2021 English/Maltese
LN91 of 2021 - Enforcement of The Order Relating to the Closure of Non-Essential Outlets and Outlets Providing Non-Essential Services Regulations, 2021 English​/Maltese​
LN 90 of 2021 - Closure of Non-Essential Outlets and Outlets Providing Non-Essential Services Order, 2021 English/Maltese​
LN89 of 2021 - Number of Persons in Public Spaces (Amendment) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese​
LN88 of 2021 - Organised Mass Events (Amendment) Regulations, 2021 English/Maltese
LN87 of 2021 - Closure of Places Open to the Public Order, 2021 - English/Maltese​
LN86 of 2021 - Essential Travel Between Malta and Gozo Order, 2021 English/Maltese
LN82 of 2021 - Mandatory Use of Medical or Cloth Masks (Amendment) Regulations 2021 English/Maltese​
LN76 of 2021 - Contact Sports Regulations English/Maltese​ 
LN403 of 2020 - Organised Public Mass Events (Amendment No.5)​ English/Maltese
LN402 of 2020 - Mandatory Use of Medical or Cloth Masks (Amendment  No.3) English/Maltese
LN244 of 2020 - Travel Ban (Extension to all Countries)(Amendment)​ English/Maltese
LN63 of 2020 - Period of Quarantine (Extension of Countries) English/Maltese
LN44 of 2020 - Service of Notice Relating to Enforcement of Quarantine Regulations English/Maltese