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Travel Information
Air and sea travel between Malta and specific safe ‘corridor countries’, based on epidemiological criteria, has resumed as of the 1st of July 2020. Incoming travel will be allowed only for persons who have been living for at least 2 weeks in one or more of the corridor countries (or Malta). Thus travel to Malta from a non-corridor country or region transiting through a corridor country is not permitted unless the person travelling has spent the previous 2 weeks in one or more corridor country/ies (or Malta). The list of countries was published in Legal Notice (LN) 244 of 2020 the ‘Travel Ban (Extension to all Countries) (Amendment) Order, 2020, LN 255 of 2020, Travel Ban (Extension to all Countries) (Amendment No 2) Order, 2020 and amended by LN 280 of 2020, Travel Ban ( Extension to all Countries)  ( Amendment No 3) Order, 2020. The list of countries can also be found at and at This list will be updated as necessary. Systems will be in place to verify the origins of passengers arriving after the 1st July 2020. 

Incoming travellers to Malta will not be required to have a swab test prior to travelling and quarantine will not be applicable to those travelling through this process. Travellers are reminded that suspected persons will be requested to have a swab test.  Travel to and from certain other destinations is expected to be permitted from 15th July 2020, however are not in a position to confirm which countries or whether quarantine will be applicable for travel from any particular countries at this time. As you are aware this is a constantly evolving situation. 
Further information will be made available in due course. 

You may also wish to note that besides the available travel routes permitted from 1st July 2020, currently only Maltese Nationals or those who have a valid residency permit may be eligible to request repatriation and thus travel to Malta from countries not on the list of permitted safe countries.  The Superintendent of Public Health may also, in her absolute discretion, issue an exemption to allow for travel from and to Malta from and to other countries, on humanitarian grounds or if in her opinion the travel of certain persons is deemed to be essential.  Such  travel exemption requests, including for repatriation of family members of persons with Maltese ID cards or valid residency permits should be referred to which is to be used strictly and solely for this reason. Requests that do not fall into the category may not receive a reply.

Those persons eligible and approved to return to Malta through the repatriation route are required to abide by the Medical protocol for testing of persons arriving in Malta, including the requirement to provide a negative nasopharyngeal swab test result done within the 7 days prior to travelling, and then further re-tests done following arrival in Malta (up to 48 hours after arriving and at day 12-13).  Such persons will also have to quarantine for 14 days in isolation, regardless of any negative swab results.  Maltese Nationals or persons having a valid Maltese residency document, may request repatriation by contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on

Further COVID-19 related information can be found on