Health Screening for Work Permits for First Time Applicants
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Health Screening for Work Permits for First Time Applicants

To reside and work legally in Malta, prospective employees who do not form part of the European Union Member State (also known, as third country nationals) need to apply for Health Screening approval as part of their work permit application form. 
Applicants coming from countries where the incidence of Tuberculosis is not high and are applying for the following jobs, DO NOT need to apply for health screening approval and can go directly to Identity Malta for work permit approval. 
a.    Administrative jobs
b.    Construction / Manual workers
c.     Footballers
d.    Hairdresser / makeup artists
e.    Working in transport
f.     Cleaners / Housekeepers
g.    Security guards

​Guidelines on what Health Screening is required and further information is available on this website and on the application form. 
Ensure that all requested vaccinations are completed prior to renewal of work permit. 
Any queries are to be directed to​

It is the employee’s responsibility to; 

(i) keep a copy of their Medical Reports and Vaccination cards for future reference.

​(ii) ensure that all requested vaccinations are completed prior to renewal of work permit.

Ensure the form is the latest one available on this website. Old forms will not be processed. Merging of old and new application forms is not allowed and will not be accepted for processing. 

a. Download the appropriate form according to the job applying for.
b. Forms should be filled in by the employee, employer, and Medical Doctor in their respective sections, preferably typed or in BLOCK LETTERS. Forms not legibly filled will not be processed.
c. Requested health screening investigations are to be carried out locally in the PRIVATE SECTOR.
d. Form should be saved in PDF format as one (1) rolling document. 
e. In the email’s subject box, the employee’s name should be specified together with the job applying. for. e.g., Patel Singh – Food Handler. 
f. Form is to be sent by the employer on Applications sent by employees will not be accepted.
g. Please send only ONE (1) application per email.

If an employee is changing jobs, she/he may still need to reapply for a new work permit and additional investigations might be required. 

Chest x-rays are only accepted if taken within 1 year from date of this application.

Other blood investigations are accepted if taken within 2 years from date of this application.

If an employee is changing employer but keeping the same job, (within the 1 year period), there is no need to reapply for Health Screening. Health screening would then be required when applying for renewal of yearly work permit. 

NB: as from Thursday 1st September changes will be introduced with regards to the requested vaccinations.

All employees must present blood test for IgG Measles. This can be omitted if employee received Measles vaccines in Malta. 
Should the IgG Measles show low immunity, it is strongly recommended for the applicant to receive  a booster of Measles vaccination. 
All Health Care professionals, Regulated Health Care professional, carers and child carers (excluding nannies), require  a booster of Measles vaccine ( 1 dose)
Vaccinations taken from any other countries are no longer accepted for processing.

All employees (irrespective of the job applying for) are required to take 1 dose of Polio vaccination in Malta. 

Hepatitis B
Employees who require immunity against Hepatitis B for their line of work, must present blood test for Hepatitis B antibody. This can be omitted if employee received Hepatitis B vaccines in Malta within a 10 year period from the date of application form. 

Should the Hepatitis B antibody show low immunity, employee is required to complete the vaccination schedule for Hepatitis B at a local private clinic. 


When available, Covid19 vaccination certificate is to be attached with the application form.
Due to the nature of their job, some applicants might require Covid19 vaccination.  

Vetting of applications may take up to 15 working days to be processed. Ensure that application forms are duly filled as per guidelines provided in this website and on the application forms.

Application forms are to be emailed as one (1) PDF document on

If medical findings show abnormalities, a copy of the investigation report needs to be submitted with the application form. We will then guide you accordingly.

Once the documentation has been reviewed, an approval email will be sent to the employer. With this email, the employee can proceed to Identity Malta. It is important to take a printed copy of the approval email with you. 

If health screening is incomplete or results are unsatisfactory, applications will not be processed, and approval may not be granted.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit (IDCU) 
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate