Cross-border eHealth Services
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Cross-border eHealth Services

​​If a medical emergency occurs while travelling abroad, doctors can give better care by accessing the patient's past health records.  For this reason, EU countries are setting up cross-border eHealth services to securely transmit personal health data to the country where the patient is being treated.

Malta's first cross-border eHealth service went live in December 2019.  Malta is now providing two types of cross-border eHealth services:

Sending of Patient Summaries to other EU countries

When a Maltese citizen or resident is travelling abroad and needs emergency medical treatment, doctors can retrieve patient summaries from Malta.

Retrieval of Patient Summaries from other EU countries

When foreign citizens need treatment at the Emergency Department of Mater Dei Hospital in Malta, doctors there can retrieve Patient Summaries from other EU countries.

What do I, as a Maltese citizen or resident, have to do to be able to use this service?

For your health data to be made available abroad, you must first give your explicit consent, as follows:

2. Log in using your ID number and e-ID password
3. Go to Profile and Settings
4. Click on Crossborder Consent
5. Read the Patient Information Notice (also available here in English and Maltese)
6. Set your consent and save it.

If a medical emergency occurs while you’re travelling in another EU country, inform the doctor who is treating you that you have given consent for cross-border eHealth services.  You will need to identify yourself clearly, using your passport, national identity card or driving licence.​

If I am a Maltese citizen or resident but I'm unable to access myHealth or I'm aged under 14, how can I use this service?

For the required consent to be given, please use this form.  The form is also available in Maltese​.  The person signing the form must send a copy of his/her ID card with the completed form.

In which countries is Malta's cross-border eHealth service available?

The Patient Summary retrieval service is presently available for Maltese citizens or residents who travel to Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg and Portugal.

Cross-border eHealth services are being gradually set up in most EU countries.  Malta also offers the Patient Summary retrieval service for EU citizens who visit Malta from other countries that are able to send the Patient Summary. Presently, this service is available for citizens of Croatia and Portugal who come to Malta.

What exactly is a Patient Summary?

The Patient Summary contains important medical details, such as allergies, medications, health problems and operations.  These are retrieved electronically from health records.  The information is coded and translated into a language that the doctor in the other country understands.​

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