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Occupational Therapy

Service Objectives

Occupational Therapy enables people to achieve health, well-being and life satisfaction through participation in activities of daily living (ADLs) which include self-care, home activities, educational activities, work, leisure and social participation.
Service Description
Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Occupational Therapy Aides (OTAs) work within an interdisciplinary team. Services are provided on the inpatient Geriatric and Medical Wards, the Rehabilitation Ward and the Day Hospital in the Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech (RHKG) and at the Outpatients Physical Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Department at St. Luke’s Hospital (SLH).
Occupational Therapy staff 
The Occupational Therapy intervention is provided in the following areas
  • Personal ADLs (including bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, feeding, self-medication, sexuality and functional transfers)

  • Instrumental ADLs and community skills (including domestic tasks, shopping, community mobility, driving, use of public services)

  • Work rehabilitation (work assessments, work hardening programmes and work site visits)

  • Seating and posture assessments and recommendation of individualised systems

  • Upper limb rehabilitation programmes including splinting

  • Cognitive assessments and advice re environmental structuring to enhance continued participation at home and in the community 

  • Pre-discharge home visits and instrumental home visits 

  • Assistive technology to support functional independence and adapt the environment to new needs 

  • Processing of application forms for registration as a person with disability, special aids funds, blue sticker, parking permits (KNPD) and home alterations (Housing Department) 

  • Group therapy programmes to improve socialisation, participation, motivation, self-esteem and self-care, orientation and self-expression. 

  • Access reports for students (15 years +) requiring special arrangements during examinations 

  • Education and support of carers including behaviour management, promotion of life skills support and self-care.
    Occupational Therapy staff assisting a patient 
    Service Hours

    Occupational Therapy Service at RHKG is offered from Monday to Friday between 7:30am - 15:30pm.

    Contact Persons

    Cynthia Scerri (Manager Occupational Therapy Services/Advanced Allied Health Care Practitioner)

    Clinical Leads

    Stephanie Hercegovac (Principal Occupational Therapist)
    Demis Cachia (Clinical Specialist Geriatrics)
    Norman Buttigieg (Senior OT Ward Team Leader)
    Riean Spiteri Holt (Senior OT Ward Team Leader)

    Contact Details

    (+356) 2208 2011 (OT, Day Hospital)
    (+356) 2208 1624 (OT, Outpatients Department)
    (+356) 2208 1847 (OT, Office Head of Department)