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Service Objectives

The Pharmacy Services at the Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech follow the guidance and direction described in the hospital’s Vision and Mission statements as the basis for its scope of practice. The aim is to provide the highest quality of pharmaceutical care available through a philosophy of “Best Practice” which focuses on being:  
  • safe
  • individual patient focused
  • collaborative and inter-disciplinary
  • evidence based
  • cost-effective
in all activities (whether they are professional, technical, in service and education).
Service Description
The Pharmacy Department at the Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech provides quality services to all inpatients during their hospital stay.
The Pharmacy staff is allocated to the wards and is actively involved in patient care by:
  • ensuring the continuous availability and proper storage of all drugs and medical devices required by the patient.
  • liaising with the patient/carers to verify drug history. 
  • keeping updated pharmacy patient profiles, which are used during the weekly consultant-led ward rounds, in order to optimise the patient’s drug therapy as well as minimising drug administration errors. 
  • providing the patient with an easy-to-follow medication plan in order to enhance compliance and improve safety in drug administration after discharge.
  • ensuring that entitled patients are provided with application forms for entitlement cards to free medications.
Hours of Service

Monday to Friday: 7:30am – 15:30pm
Contact Details 

Head of Pharmacy Services: Aaron Camilleri 
Pharmacy Department: 22085010 / 22085011
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