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Service Objectives

To provide the highest standards of clinical practice through an inter-professional approach supported by research and education for the purpose of achieving optimal patient outcomes by restoring, improving and maintaining function to enhance the patient’s quality of life on return to the community.
Service Description
The Physiotherapist assesses the patients’ physical state taking into account the individual psycho-social and environmental needs. A plan of care is formulated to regain and maintain mobility and maximal functional independence, necessary for reintegration in the community. Short-term and Long-term goals are planned realistically within a team setting and are subject to ongoing review, discussion and modification. Advice on the prevention of problems include: the general concepts of proper transferring and handling techniques; correct use of prescribed walking aids; stair management; the importance of appropriate footwear and safety within the home environment.
Physiotherapy staff performing tests on a patient 
Physiotherapy Assistants complement the work of the Physiotherapist and are trained to carry out various therapeutic activities under supervision.

Service Provision

All inpatients are referred for an individualized physiotherapy assessment following which treatment plans are devised according to the patient needs. Daily clinics are held at the day hospital where new patients are assessed by the medical team and referred to physiotherapy as required.

Physiotherapy staff assisting patients with physical activities and training 
  • Inpatients: day hospital and medical outpatients
  • On call service: evenings; weekends; public holidays 
  • Induction and training of hospital staff (moving and transferring of patients; ergonomics; employee well-being; safety of the workplace)
  • Provision of mobility aids and wheelchairs
  • Undergraduate training (clinical supervision; role of the physiotherapist and team members; integrating theory into practice; site for practical examinations)
    ​Working hours:
    Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 15:30pm
    Contact details:
    Head of Services: Mrs. Victoria Massalha 22081849
    Main office - Level 4: 22081136 / 22081289
    Day Hospital - Level 2: 22082023
    RW4 Rehab Gym - Level 3: 25951660
    RW1 Rehab Gym - Level 0: 22083016